Frequently Asked Questions


Lower School: 9:55 am – 4:15 pm
Upper School: 9:55 am – 4:30 pm

Yes uniforms are required for all K-12 students at Hope Academy. We partner with Donald’s for our uniform items. Click here to view our uniforms for each grade!

Today we serve 587 students in grades K-12, with a vision of growing to 700 students.

Hope Academy serves hundreds of students K-12 from many diverse cultures and ethnicities: primarily African, African American, multi-racial, Hispanic, and Caucasian. Approximately 1/3 of our students speak more than one language at home. Teachers and staff work hard to provide a classroom and community where every child is known, loved, and able to pursue his or her best; and where families from all different cultures and backgrounds feel welcome. Even though Hope Academy is growing, our students and parents continue to say that it feels like a family.

Yes! Buses are available for students living in Minneapolis. (If you live outside of Minneapolis a transportation reimbursement is available). We partner with Minneapolis School Busing for our school buses.

We believe parents are the primary teacher in a child’s life! That’s why we want to create strong, healthy partnerships with parents and come alongside them in their child’s education. Each parent signs a “Parent Covenant” when their child enrolls at Hope Academy and agree to:

  1. Accept the school’s mission, beliefs and strategies of education.
  2. Support the school in upholding its policies as outlined in the Parent Handbook.
  3. Be responsible for the behavior and actions of their child.
  4. Pay the family “Fair Share” portion of their child’s tuition.
  5. Attend 7 required parent events throughout the year (Kick-off Night, Parent Involvement Day x2, Conferences x2, Home Visits & Tuition Conferences).
  6. Volunteer at 2 school events annually.


We provide rigorous, classical, faith-based instruction that focuses on both character growth and academic achievement; additional support to help children focus and thrive in the classroom; 4-weeks of summer enrichment (mandatory K-8); programs in technology, skilled trades, the arts, and more. We also provide parenting workshops, support groups, and other resources to strengthen families.

Despite many challenges, Hope Academy students are growing in faith, leadership, and academic excellence; graduating at remarkable rates (96% across all classes); advancing in higher education and careers; and becoming servant leaders in their communities.

Five core strategies help us achieve this: a faith-based approach, discipline and high expectations, mandatory parental involvement, high accountability, and our partner funding model (parents pay 10%; private donors pay 90%).    

During Hope Academy’s annual summer session, hundreds of students K-8 receive daily academic support to help recover and accelerate their growth in math, reading, and other core subjects. Many teachers have invested extra time in professional development—volunteering summer vacation time to improve their crafts and help mitigate the effects of COVID-19. With support from Great Minnesota Schools and other partners, we have implemented new reading and math curricula; strengthened instructional coaching for teachers; and increased in-classroom tutoring support for students. Moreover, we are continuing to provide hundreds of students with academic, ELL, social, and emotional/behavioral services outside of the classroom.

Hope Academy is a a private, Christian school funded by individuals, corporations, and churches. Charter schools are merely another variety of public school. They receive all their funding from the government and are subject to most of the same rules and restrictions of government schools. Our laws currently prohibit devoting public funds to supporting faith-based schools. MN Statute 124D.10 Sub. 8 (c) says, “A charter school must be nonsectarian in its programs, admission policies, employment practices, and all other operations.” In contrast, the Bible teaches us that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Respect and honor of God is the foundation for all learning at Hope Academy. That’s why we never grow tired of declaring, “The hope of Hope Academy is God.”

Yes, since 2013 Hope Academy has been dually accredited by Christian Schools International (CSI) and AdvancED.

Hope Academy is a K-12 school.

Yes! At Hope Academy, we serve a diverse group of multilingual learners from various countries.  The multilingual teachers work with students in small groups and in the classroom in order to best meet the individual needs of each child.  We focus our efforts on Kindergarten through 6th grade.  We strive to supplement classroom instruction by targeting needed language areas.  The goal in our English language instruction is to equip students to better understand their classroom material and to prepare them for effective communication and contribution in society.  Our hope in all we do is that students would cultivate a deep love and strong faith in God and that they would live a life honoring Him. 

Student Life

Hope Academy offers extracurricular programs for students in many enriching areas such as music, technology, performing arts, and athletics. We partner with createMPLS to provide before-school programs in robotics (FIRST Lego Leagues) and engineering (higher level robotics, drones, hydroponics).

Students participate in choir and musical theatre; soccer (at Hope Academy); and baseball, cross country, football, and track & field (co-ops with Minnehaha Academy and Cristo Rey Jesuit High School). Through Hope Academy’s Academic Support Center, students have access to extra before- and after-school tutoring.

We also provide mentoring and enrichment opportunities for students through partnerships with Urban Ventures and other nonprofits in the community. During Hope Academy’s four-week summer session, students enjoy opportunities in photography, visual arts, music production, and performance arts (taught by Inverted Arts); and technology classes (taught by createMPLS). High school students also participate in free ACT prep and internship opportunities throughout this time.

Every Upper School student is assigned to a Hope Academy “House”, which is intended to develop a deeper sense of identity, belonging, & leadership. Houses are centered around Tournament, Unity, and Service, and are able to earn points in each of these areas. The House champion for the month earns a catered meal provided by Hope Academy, a relic for their House, and an out-of-uniform day. Juniors and Seniors lead our Houses and plan the House meetings and monthly House Feasts.

Yes! To register contact Nash Anderson in the main office at 612-540-2000 or [email protected]

  • Morning Program: Monday – Fridays from 7:45 – 9:45 am (when school is in session) for K-5th graders.
  • Afternoon Program: Monday – Fridays from 4:15 – 5:30 pm (when school is in session) for K-5th graders
  • Both programs are a relaxed time of social interaction and play for Lower School age students.

On average our K-5 classes have 20 students or less! Kindergarten classes even have both a teacher and full-time aid. Middle School and High School classes range from 15 – 25 students per class.


No student is ever turned away for an inability to pay at Hope Academy! We use a “fair share” model to calculate a families tuition based on their income.

Our staff works together with each family to determine a tuition amount that’s affordable (sometimes as little as $75/month for all children combined). Together, our families pay 10% of the total cost to educate our students. Hundreds of financial partners sponsor the rest.

Once you complete a Tuition Scholarship Conference we will calculate your exact monthly tuition.

Most Christian schools charge tuition to cover 90% of costs and raise 10%.  At Hope, nearly 90% of our costs are covered by generous giving! Family tuition is determined on a sliding scale, and our Partners cover the rest. We are so thankful for our generous Partners and all they do to make Hope Academy possible!


Yes, all of our faculty and staff embrace a Faith & Life Covenant. More important than a school’s curriculum, facilities, or sports programs is the answer to the question: who are the men and women who are going to be teaching your child? We encourage urban parents to focus on a school’s teachers for three crucial reasons:

1. Great teachers make a great school.
2. Students become like their teachers.
3. Teachers are the “living curriculum” of a school.

In the lives of students, so much textbook content is forgotten; but the lessons that stay with them forever are the unspoken ones that come directly from the teacher, the “living curriculum.”

The purpose of Hope Academy is to spread a banquet of God-glorifying, classical education for the youth of the city. Our curriculum is excellent and college preparatory, but what most excites us is that your son or daughter will have personal relationships with teachers who are devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.

No, however all Hope students take a Bible class each year and attend weekly Chapel as part of our commitment to provide a remarkable, God-centered education for the youth of the city. Our community represents over 30 faith denominations and about 85% of our families would consider themselves Christians. 

Believing that all children are created for God’s glory and endowed by him with an inalienable potential to acquire wisdom and knowledge, Hope Academy covenants with urban families to equip their children to become responsible, servant leaders of the 21st Century. Committed to the truth, discipline, and values of the gospel of Jesus Christ, Hope Academy pursues this aim by mobilizing educational, business, and community leaders towards the important goal of serving the children of Minneapolis with a remarkable education, permeated with a God-centered perspective. This inter-denominational school will seek to unleash kingdom citizens who work for justice, economic opportunity, racial harmony, hope for the family, and joy in the community.