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What is Hope Academy’s education approach?

Hope Academy is committed to shepherding the hearts of students by providing a high quality Christ-centered, classical education. We use a rigorous Classical curriculum throughout our K-12 program.

Is Hope Academy a private, charter or public school?

Hope Academy is a a private, Christian school funded by individuals, corporations, and churches. Charter schools are merely another variety of public school. They receive all their funding from the government and are subject to most of the same rules and restrictions of government schools. Our laws currently prohibit devoting public funds to supporting faith-based schools. MN Statute 124D.10 Sub. 8 (c) says, “A charter school must be nonsectarian in its programs, admission policies, employment practices, and all other operations.” In contrast, the Bible teaches us that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Respect and honor of God is the foundation for all learning at Hope Academy. That’s why we never grow tired of declaring, “The hope of Hope Academy is God.”

Is Hope Academy Accredited?

Yes, since 2013 Hope Academy has been dually accredited by Christian Schools International (CSI) and AdvancED.

What grades are offered?

Hope Academy is a K-12 school.

What is the curriculum like at Hope Academy?

Hope Academy uses a Classical education model, and we use rigorous curriculum from Christian, classical, and general educational sources in both Lower and Upper School.

Are all of Hope’s teachers and staff Christians?

Yes, all of our faculty and staff embrace a Faith & Life Covenant. More important than a school’s curriculum, facilities, or sports programs is the answer to the question: who are the men and women who are going to be teaching your child? We encourage urban parents to focus on a school’s teachers for three crucial reasons:

1. Great teachers make a great school.
2. Students become like their teachers.
3. Teachers are the “living curriculum” of a school.

In the lives of students, so much textbook content is forgotten; but the lessons that stay with them forever are the unspoken ones that come directly from the teacher, the “living curriculum.”

The purpose of Hope Academy is to spread a banquet of God-glorifying, classical education for the youth of the city. Our curriculum is excellent and college preparatory, but what most excites us is that your son or daughter will have personal relationships with teachers who are devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.

How much does tuition cost?

The total cost to educate each student at Hope Academy is about $10,000 per student. The ‘family share’ of tuition at Hope Academy is affordable for all of our families. The tuition minimum is $75 per month for a family and is calculated based on household income and family size.