For many people, summer is a season to relax and head to the lake. At Hope Academy, it’s a tipping point.

Much research shows that, while summer learning loss is common, it hits low-income students the hardest–compounding the academic achievement gap year after year.

That’s why Hope Academy requires 4 weeks of summer school for every student, K-8. And it’s making an impact.

Last year, Hope Academy 4th-6th graders made slight gains in math and reading from May to October, while national averages show students backsliding in both subjects.

In addition to more time on task in math and reading, summer school offers our students a rich variety of opportunities to grow through hands-on learning and exploration.

“Summer is an extra special time to enjoy fun things like field trips, more exploratory projects and focused learning modules in the classroom,” says 1st grade teacher Mrs. Look. “I love the extra time with the students!”

In short, summer school is a game-changer for our students.

Thank you to every teacher, parent, volunteer, and donor who helped to make this year’s summer school possible–and a special thanks to our partners at Inverted Arts, Junior Achievement BizTown, and the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation for their generous hand in its success.