What Makes a Remarkable Teacher

It’s been the hardest year of school for so many teachers. Of thousands surveyed across the US, 55% have said they are more likely to leave the profession early.*  

That’s why I’m so encouraged by the patience and perseverance I see in our teachers at Hope Academy. These men and women are continuing to push through COVID fatigue, extended school days, and countless other challenges to help children in Minneapolis succeed—giving extra time to: 

  • Connect with students outside of class to build trust and authentic relationships. 
  • Help children catch up in reading, grow in friendships, and gain other life skills. 
  • Coach athletic teams, and lead student mentor groups and mission trips.  
  • Have more, in-depth conversations with students, to understand needs and provide support. 
  • Partner with parents through calls, texts, visits, and other meaningful connections throughout the week. 

 Again and again, we hear students (and parents) say:

“The staff at Hope are like family,” and, “I know I am loved and cared about at this school.” 

This kind of care would be impossible without God. When we see and experience His love, it impacts everything—from the way we think about ourselves and others, to how we interact with staff, students, and families. That’s why dependence on God is so important, and is a core value at Hope Academy. 

Every day, teachers are praying, reading the Bible, and trusting Him for help to model Christ to their students. Staff are encouraging children to think of how Jesus showed kindness, love, and grace—and how they can show this to each other. Students are memorizing Scripture and learning to answer questions based not just on what they think, but on evidence they find in the biblical text. Through classroom instruction and discipline—and activities like chapel and mentor groups—teachers are helping students reflect on deeper heart issues and thinking patterns, look to Christ, and experience an authentic, growing relationship with Him. 

With God’s help, seeds of faith are being sown in the hearts of our students, and hundreds of lives are being transformed.

One of our graduates, Collin, shared: 

“Looking back, I realize just how important Hope Academy was in sowing seeds of faith in my life. Hope was the community God used to sow seeds of faith, and to build an inner strength, Godly character, and give me hope in God above all else.”

We invite you to pray for the teachers at Hope Academy as they continue loving and serving the children and families of the city.

We also invite you to write a note to encourage and thank a teacher, and send it to  [email protected]. 

Thank you for supporting these remarkable men and women and the mission of Hope Academy. See more of the impact. 

*Results from a January 2022 poll of ~3,600 members of the National Education Association.