HOPEbriefs | They‘re here! They’re HERE!

“They’re here! They’re HERE! They’re HERE!” seven-year-old Derrick shouted, jumping up and down as he greeted us at the entrance of his apartment building.
Welcome to Hope Academy home visits, one of my favorite times of the year.
Each fall over MEA break, our teachers spend three days, from morning to night, visiting each of their students at his or her home. We don’t talk about grades; we don’t even discuss classroom behavior. The goal is to simply build a friendship between parents, teachers, and students.
Some teachers come bearing home-baked cookies for each family. Others enjoy the flavors of authentic Mexican, Ethiopian, or other cuisines families cook. Many play games together. Some share stories, and tears. We always end in prayer.
Why dedicate three full days to meeting our families in their homes?
Parents are absolutely critical to their children’s success. We work hard to esteem, equip, and support parents as the most important teacher in their children’s lives. And by God’s grace, we’ve seen events like home visits and Parent Involvement Days have a profound shaping influence on families.
Countless parents – many of whom did not have the privilege of growing up in a healthy home – have told me how very much they’ve come to appreciate these times. Teachers often leave feeling just as blessed as parents, if not more.
As I write this, my heart is full of gratitude for each of the 474 students God has entrusted to us this year; each parent who is committed to their child’s success; each teacher who goes above-and-beyond to embody God’s kindness; and each of you who is supporting this Hope Academy community.


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