The Snyder Seven

Sometimes we’re humbled by the challenging circumstances that face Hope Academy families. At the same time, we’re amazed by their perseverance and the support provided by our community.

Sam and Sarah Snyder, together with their five children, lived through several heartbreaking tragedies. Our staff was there with them—praying, reaching out, and helping their children grieve and continue their growth both academically and spiritually.

See how God has redeemed the story for the Snyders:

Over the past 11 years, Hope Academy teachers and staff have truly partnered with Sam and Sarah to meet the needs of their children. “One of our kids was having a really hard time learning math,” explained Sam, “and [Mrs. Gregg] revamped the entire math curriculum to help them be able to learn it.”

While the situation was unmistakably difficult, the Snyders’ faith in God and the support of the entire Hope Academy family helped them to persevere.

“As I think of our children and all of the ways that they’ve been impacted by Hope Academy,” shared Sarah, “it seems like there’s so much fruit. Our daughter, who’s a senior now, has so many options ahead of her, and she’s not limited by the things that she’s gone through…That’s really exciting. It makes us feel so grateful to be a part of Hope Academy and for their sponsors who have helped support them throughout the years.

I just see how God was able to redeem the story…He brought two families together. Now, to see [our kids] flourish and have purpose…and be excited about the future and all of the things that they have—it’s just a testimony of God and His goodness even in the midst of all the hard stuff that we go through.”

Thank you for helping to fuel hope in God and bright futures for the Snyders and for hundreds of Minneapolis children.