Our Mission

To foster hope in God within the inner city neighborhoods of Minneapolis by providing the youth with a remarkable, God-centered education.

Updated for 2013-2014

School Information

Hope Academy

2300 Chicago Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55404

Phone: 612-721-6294

Fax: 612-722-9048

Website: www.hopeschool.org

School Administration

Head of School: Mr. Russell Gregg

Upper School Principal: Mr. Nathan Ziegler

Dean of Student Activities: Mrs. Judy Austin

College & Career Counselors: Mrs. Lisa CasaDeCalvo

Mrs. Rebekah Adair

Mrs. Wanda Monroe

School & Community

Total Enrollment: 355 (K through 12)

67 (grades 9-12)

66 (grades 6-8)

222 (grades K-5)

Private, Christian non-denominational

College Preparatory

80% from urban neighborhoods of Minneapolis

73% of students qualify for free/reduced lunch

75% are students of color


Accredited in 2012 by Christian Schools International/

AdvancED. Member school of CSI since 2000.

Testing Information

School CEEB Code: 241638

100% of Sophomores take the PLAN Test

100% of Juniors take the PSAT

100% of Seniors take the ACT and/or SAT Test

Academics and Curriculum

27 minimum semester credits required for graduation

4 years of Bible/Theology including

two mission trips

4 years of Language Arts

(Writing rhetoric, Oral rhetoric/Drama, Senior Thesis)

4 years of Humane Letters

(Literature, History, Government, Philosophy)

4 years of Mathematics

4 years of Science

4 years of Foreign Language

3 years of Fine Arts

1 year of Physical Education/Health

Elective courses

Hope Academy emphasizes a classical core curriculum approach, with only a few elective options.

Transcript Information

Hope Academy is on a semester system. Letter grades are given.

A+ (4.00) A (4.00) A- (3.67)

B+ (3.33) B (3.00) B- (2.67)

C+ (2.33) C (2.00) C- (1.67)

D+ (1.33) D (1.00) D- (0.67)

GPA beings with 1st term of 9th grade.

GPA is not weighted.

Class rank is not provided by the school.

Transfer grades are included in cumulative GPA.

All classes are College Preparatory.