Marked by Hope

Hi, my name is Mandi, and my daughters are in second grade at Hope Academy. I can’t tell you how much relief, stability, and joy this school has brought to our lives.

As a single mom, I work and pray really hard to make our tuition payment each month. And then there’s you–Hope’s supporters.

Your gifts make it possible for my daughters to get a top-quality, Christ-centered education, regardless of where they were born, how much money we have, or the color of our skin.

I want you to know 7 ways your gift changes our lives, and invite you to consider making a tax-deductible, year-end gift to Hope Academy so more children can have this opportunity:

  1. Christ-centered education anchors and guides us.
  2. Teachers make us feel loved and seen.
  3. Hope Academy’s community strengthens families.
  4. You are opening doors for my girls’ futures.
  5. Discipline targets the heart.
  6. Hope’s partnership empowers parents.
  7. Your gifts are turning the tide for low-income families.

If you haven’t made a gift this year, would you consider what you can do to provide children in the inner-city with access to a high-quality, Christ-centered education? Dozens of students still need financial sponsors this school year.

Click here to make a gift, or to see how you can make a difference in families like mine.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Mandi Cardwell

Hope Academy Mom