Lisa Fields

People Spotlight – Lisa Fields

Lisa Fields is the founder and President of Jude 3 Project, which is an apologetics organization dedicated to helping the African American Christian community to know what they believe and why.

One aspect, of the project that has gained a lot of traction, is their podcast. She hosts the program that welcomes expert guests who often tackle difficult subjects relating to current events and onerous religious topics.

After graduating with a Master of Divinity in Theology, Lisa boldly entered into a male-dominated area of Christian Ministry – Christian Apologetics. She is an important figure in Christianity at this time, due to her passion for making the Word of God known in the African American community. She acknowledges the need for apologetics to be taught in a way that is relevant to those in that community, which has not been done so in the past.

In this podcast episode, Lisa hosts Dr. Howard-John Wesley, as they discuss Apologetics in the Black Church.