Legacy Partner Society

Invest in the long-term futures of urban youth by including Hope Academy in your estate plans.

Why Legacy Giving

Through annual support, you’ve helped make Hope Academy what it is today. Hundreds of low-income youth have access to a remarkable, God-centered education in Minneapolis. Students are growing in wisdom, knowledge, and Christlike character. Hope is spreading to entire families and communities. Through legacy giving, you can multiply this impact throughout future generations.

I'm so happy, because he's the first one in all my family to go to the university. I think I owe that to God first, and after that, Hope Academy. It's a dream come true.

Becoming a Legacy Partner

By giving a current gift to the Free and Faithful Legacy Fund, or by including Hope Academy in your estate plans (will bequests, life insurance, retirement plans, life-income arrangements, and other deferred giving options), you help provide long-term sustainability for Hope Academy and ensure a remarkable, God-centered education for future generations — giving more children hope for this life and beyond. We invite you to lay up even more treasure in heaven by becoming a Legacy Partner.

Helpful Ways to Plan

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you in this life-changing journey. With you and your trusted advisors, we can help uncover an approach that helps you achieve your long-term philanthropic goals, and that also helps you stay committed to your family’s future.

Learn & Discern

Learn about the different legacy giving opportunities we have at Hope Academy! Find which works best for you and your family.

Join Us!

Become a Legacy Partner and multiply your impact! Legacy Partners support the future of Hope Academy through estate giving.

Inspiration from Legacy Partners

“We started tithing over forty years ago as a biblical discipline, but it quickly turned into a huge blessing. Now we are thankful (and awestruck) that God is enabling us to continue to partner with Hope Academy to provide a Christ-centered education for generations to come.”

– Hector & Beth Dalton
Legacy Partner

“Hope Academy is a reminder for me of how to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my own life. I am always moved when I reflect on Hope’s Mission, Vision, and Values. They are so profound, yet, simply integrate how we all are called to live in service to others.”

– Lori Boisclair
Legacy Partner

“We love Hope Academy and all it does for those in the inner city; giving hope, faith, love of the Bible, a remarkable education, and the role models for an abundant life. More than ever today, our cities and country need all that Hope Academy provides!”

– John & Sherry Swanson
Legacy Partner

“Of the various Christ centered organizations we can support, Hope Academy most beautifully harmonizes our giving in the categories of Mercy, Evangelism, and Discipleship in a way that provides tangible results we have personally witnessed since inception.”

– Mike & Debbie Brocker
Legacy Partner