Hope Tech

Through HopeTech, students explore technology, construction and other fast-growing trades. Our programs give students experience through hands-on, project-based learning focused on three main areas; engineering, software development, and construction. Students will have the opportunity to explore these areas and gain experience for their future endeavors.


Bring engineering concepts to life through our robotics, product innovation and computing classes. Learn how to build a drone, create an app or design a new product!


Learn invaluable coding and software skills through our Innovator and Developer classes! Understand the power of coding and it’s potential career paths.


Interested in working with your hands and building things? Try our woodworking and construction classes! Learn how to use power tools and building materials.

“Technology teaches students problem solving, it teaches them perseverance; and they are able to use their God-given gifts of creativity as well…I hope to develop through all of these programs a desire in the students to persevere, a desire in the students to attempt to do things that perhaps they thought were too challenging, and to consider fields that perhaps they thought were beyond them. I hope that they will understand that the world is open to them.”

Providing Opportunity for All

The Minnesota High Tech Association predicts that by 2025 the state will have nearly 200,000 tech jobs. Yet, many of Minnesota’s low-income and minority students – who represent nearly 40% of the state’s student population – do not have equal access to the resources and training needed to meet this demand.

Community Partnerships

Since 2015, we have partnered with a local nonprofit, createMPLSto provide coding and robotics classes and competitive teams for our students. In 2020, generous partners also helped us design and build a trades and technology learning lab and launch our HopeTECH Initiative—to provide students with more exposure and opportunities in technology and the skilled trades.

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