HopeTECH Instructor and IT Integration Specialist

Type: Full-Time position for the current 2020-21 school year.

*Very Important: Before applying please read and carefully review our Mission + Vision as well as our Faith & Life Covenant.  All board members, faculty and staff are joining a covenant community in serving here at Hope Academy.

Job Details

The HopeTECH Instructor plays a key role in building and delivering strong HopeTECH/HopePATH and programs for the school.  The role has three key aspects:

  • – HopeTECH Instructor will envision, develop and refine curricula, within guidelines, with the HopeTECH director and other’s guidance at Hope Academy.
  • – HopeTECH Instructor will play a primary role in the continuing start-up of HopeTECH at Hope Academy for the school year 2020-2021. This includes maintaining and/or replacing equipment and supplies to enable the curricula, and or changes to the curricula, as agreed with the HopeTECH director.
  • – HopeTECH Instructor will teach and/or oversee teaching of the defined curricula for the classes assigned for each school year.
  • HopeTECH Curriculum Planning/Refinement

    1. Refining Curriculum for applicable programs within the HopeTECH PATH
      1. For 2020-2021 – Middle School Basic Computer Use
      2. For 2020-2021 – Elective classes for the programs that will include: “Technology/Robotics”, “IT/Coding”, with the HopeTECH Director, and other Hope Academy staff.
    2. Curriculum Planning – finding and/or developing the courses and lesson plans for each envisioned program for which teaching responsibility is assigned.


    • Should have the ability and flexibility to teach in all of the programs/disciplines offered through HopeTECH:
      1. Ability to teach all of the required and elective courses within the HopeTECH PATH – for 2020-2021 this includes:
        1. Information Technology Basics
        2. Technology/robotics
        3. IT/coding
    1. And, potential future curricula such as:
      1. Technology/3D Printing and Computer Aided Design
      2. IT/web design and development.
    2. Our intent is to team teach to be able to substitute for one another should the occasion arise. And, to develop and share curricula together – relying on expertise in the group but involving and training everyone.
    • Teaching specific classes for the 2020-2021 school year
      1. Middle School Teaching (grades 6-8)
        1. Conducts 1 period of a semester-long class “Introduction to Information Technology at Hope Academy”.
        2. Oversees preparation and teaching by other teachers – also of this “Introduction to Information Technology” course.
      2. High School Teaching (grades 9-12)
        1. Conducts 1 period of semester-long classes in “Robotics”.
        2. conducts 1 period of semester-long elective classes in HopeTECH “IT/Coding”

    Other Full-Time Teacher Responsibilities as required


    Hope Academy operates on a defined information technology platform. This platform is controlled and managed based on school leadership decision making and is overseen by the Hope Academy Information Technology Director. The current relevant software applications that are part of this platform include:

    • – Microsoft Outlook and Office suites for administration and key applications for writing, presenting, using spreadsheets, amongst others.
    • – Microsoft TEAMs for school/class operation, collaboration, online meeting.
    • – PowerSchool for school, class, student administration.

    In the area of Technology Integration, this person is expected to have/develop deep knowledge in the relevant parts of the Hope Academy IT platform as defined above, but subject to change over time. Then, to work with the HopeTECH Director, IT Director and Elementary Technology Integration Specialist to develop an approach to teach, help and improve teacher’s ability to use Hope Academy applications. We expect the following types of approaches, along with others, will be used to conduct this learning and improving activities:

    1. Individual Meetings with Teachers – meets with teachers on-request to assist with technology skills development and application of technology tools in the classroom.
    2. In-Class Participation – classes can be led or co-led by this person. In addition, this person is available to observe classes and make suggestions for how to enhance the integration of technology into the class.
    3. Technology Planning Committee –plays a key role in the technology planning committee. The goal of the committee is to continue envisioning the best use of technology at Hope.
    4. Professional Development Planning – plays a key role looking for and investigating technology-related professional development opportunities for staff and teachers and leading technology related professional development sessions.
    5. Research and Application – spends time being a “user of technology”, putting into practice the concepts that teachers could be applying in the classroom. Builds a network with other educators in order to share best practices and gain new insights which could be applied at Hope.  Puts technology “on display” in various ways throughout the school.

General Qualifications

  1. Able to commit to the school’s mission to foster hope in God within the inner-city neighborhood of Minneapolis by providing youth with an outstanding, Christ-centered education.
  2. Ability to effectively educate in a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, and economically disadvantaged urban community.
  3. Desire to equip the children of the city with an academically rigorous, comprehensive, classical Christian education to prepare them to deal with the complex issues of living in this present society.
  4. Willingness to go above and beyond in building relationships with students.
  5. Experience in using technology (5+ Years) – e.g., Information Technology applications as listed above: robotics, coding, advanced manufacturing, CAD/Technology Design, Engineering, 3D Printing, etc.
  6. BA in Education or BS in Technology/Engineering or Comparable Work Experience preferred.
  7. Two or more years of teaching experience in a technology related area is a plus but not required.
  8. Experience as a Technology Integration Specialist (or equivalent) is also a plus but not required.
  9. Demonstrated ability to collaborate with others to achieve measurable goals is important.
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