Hope MED

Through HopeMED, students will explore personal health and fitness courses, along with instruction in healthcare and sports medicine. They will even have the opportunity to practically experience first aid and basic nursing. For students desiring advanced preparation for the medical profession, they will also gain a better appreciation of the linkage to core science courses like biology and chemistry.

Health & Healthcare

Start learning about different fields in the healthcare industry and which interest you the most!

Fitness & Sports Medicine

Discover how to lead a healthy lifestyle and train using different fitness methods.

Healthcare Internships

Get connected to an internship at a hospital, clinic or nursing home to further your healthcare journey!

“Our hope is that every student knows they are a special creation of God, they are intended for good, and for flourishing. That students will learn to care for themselves in healthy ways, as whole, God-created people and extend themselves to help the community flourish. That students know they have a part in promoting healthy living for themselves and can help the community and individuals healthfully flourish, too."