HOPEbriefs | Perseverance Produces Hope

Derince is one of the young men I admire most for perseverance.

When he was just seven years old, his father was arrested. Instantly, he became the ‘man’ of the house, wrestling with concerns few adults manage. With no male role models at home, God graciously provided men to mentor and advocate for Derince. They saw he was not receiving the attention he needed in public school.

Derince applied to Hope Academy in 9th grade, but was denied admission. Because Derince’s previous schools failed him academically he worked relentlessly with a tutor for one whole year, and was admitted to Hope as a sophomore. “When I found out I got into Hope Academy, I had this joy in my heart,” explains Derince. “I wanted to jump up and down, but instead I just played it cool. I was so happy I got in.”

In the last year and a half, Derince has become a learner and a leader. He has sought good friends to sharpen him. He respects his football coaches for their athletic and spiritual advice. He is growing and giving. “My belief is that, when I’m going through something difficult, as long as I believe in Christ, I can get through it,” he says.

Praise God for his relentless love for Derince, and for each one of our students. He is rebuilding our city, one heart at a time.

Other students like Derince also need need partners for this school year. Please join us in praying for God’s provision for the youth of our city, and considering how God might use you to administer his grace.


With deep joy,

Russ Gregg | Head of School