An Incarnate Hope

Sadly, there is a lot of hollow hope in our world today.

We hear this hollowness in the long list of lofty claims made by an endless parade of “presidential hopefuls.” We feel it in the false sense of safety offered by airport security procedures. And we sense it in ads for luxury cars and temporal beauty fixes.

But there is also solid hope, like the kind I see every day at Hope Academy. Like the courageous women in our moms Bible study who are confronting deep wounds, and saying yes to the chain-breaking freedom of forgiveness. Or like Eva, a 12th grader, who shared how God used our recent Dominican Republic missions trip to reveal how small, yet loved she is as part of God’s global plan.

This season, we celebrate the coming of Hope Incarnate. Compelled by love, Christ forfeited his heavenly comforts, entered into our suffering world, and inaugurated a kingdom of grace and peace.

We also celebrate the ways this heavenly hope is transforming families in our city. Click below to catch a glimpse of hope delivered.

This year, 425 inner-city youth are receiving a remarkable education permeated with advent love. Love that sacrificially enters into hardship. Love that administers grace and peace. Love that never gives up. I am so thankful for each of you who has reflected that advent love here at Hope.

I want to warmly invite you to share in this joy of giving hope, as we continue to trust God to provide roughly $310,000 this school year — including sponsorship partners for Jacob, Esther, Jackson, Brianna, and 25 other students. Click here to give hope to inner-city youth this Christmas.


With gratitude to God for your faithful partnership,

Russ Gregg | Head of School