Hope Biz

Through HopeBiz, students will learn how to be entrepreneurs and start their own business. They will explore different areas of business through strategy & planning, marketing & sales, operations, finance and human resources. Students will gain an appreciation for what kinds of businesses are out there in the world, and the parts they could play in the world of business.


Have what it takes to start your own business? Learn how in our Senior Entrepreneurship class!

Marketing & Sales

Discover how marketing & sales fit into a business and the different career paths you can choose with them.


Get an inside look at what it takes to keep all aspects of a business running (finance, human resources, etc).

“Our hope is that students will find their place in business through understanding God’s intent for business - to promote human flourishing. How can we help chart and maintain a worthy course for our businesses without getting swamped by all the temptations of business? This will be a driver for our students’ endeavors."

In the Community

Our Upper School entrepreneurship class got to take a field trip to the University of St. Thomas for their Innovation and Entrepreneurship Day! They attended a hands-on design workshop and got collaborate with other entrepreneurial-minded students to create a prototype for a business concept. The day concluded watching current St. Thomas students pitch business ideas at one of their signature competition events!