Believing that the arts enable everyone to reflect more fully the image of God, our Hope Arts program equips students to think critically and to grow as inquisitive, articulate, creative, and culturally literate God-honoring leaders that are able to influence culture and society for Christ.


Students will develop strong and healthy vocal technique across a broad range of music, expanding their musicianship toward a professional level and solidifying their ability to effectively express their God-given voices within a more challenging (and rewarding) choral context.

Musical Theatre

Students will explore the development of the genre of musical theatre in the context of rehearsing and performing a Broadway Revue, discovering prominent composers and developments over the history of the genre as they prepare to performn various selections. They will also engage in standard procedures of professionals in the field, such as auditions/callbacks, character analysis, small group work, and tech week.

General Music

Students will be placed in an ensemble based on their skill level and the instrument they play. Over the course of the semester they will learn how to be an ensemble musician. We will learn a number of different pieces. This could also be an opportunity for some song writing if there is interest.

Percussion Ensemble

Upper School students have the opportunity to learn and improve their rudimental drumming and mallet percussion skills. Battery instrumentation includes snare, quads, and the bass drum line. Pit instrumentation includes mallet instruments (marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, chimes and bells), concert battery instruments (snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, concert toms), timpani, and auxilliary percussion.


Our students learn the art of effective persuasive speaking and writing, performing a memorized piece at our Creative Expressions event in the Spring.

Inverted Arts

For our summer session we partner with Inverted Arts to offer a variety of artistic enrichment tracks for students, including photography, visual arts, music production, and performance arts. The Inverted Arts instructors guide our middle schoolers in creating their own art during a two week period during our mandatory (but very fun!) summer session. High School students do an internship with the Inverted Arts teachers and help teach the classes.

Visual Arts

If you’ve ever walked through the school, you’ve seen the wonderful works of art our students create. Our K-5 art program focuses on teaching the basics of shading, color, and perception. In Middle School and High School students can take their art to the next level.

We fell in love with Hope Academy a couple years ago, and love it even more today. We're so excited about what this school does for inner-city students and parents, and also what it's brought to our lives.