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Get to know the wonderful Adilene Pliego!! (Did you know she has a grandson and has worked at Hope for 6 years?!) Read her staff spotlight to find out more!!


How long has Mr. G worked at Hope Academy? (Hint: It’s more than 10 YEARS!)

What’s one thing he’s TERRIFIED of? What’s his very FAVORITE memory here at Hope? Click to read his staff spotlight and find out!!

Technology, the Trades, and More Career Paths for Students

Each year at Hope Academy, urban youth are gaining the knowledge, values, life skills, and opportunities to succeed at a traditional four-year college or university. …

Growing Access, Excellence, and Opportunity this School Year

With the prayers, support, and partnership of many, we are thrilled to be welcoming more than 580 students to Hope Academy for 100% in-person learning …

Spreading Hope to Five New Cities, and Counting!

Four years ago, many of you helped make room for 700 children to attend Hope Academy through the Growing Hope Capital Campaign. With a new gym, expanded cafeteria, and additional classroom spaces, we’re excited to welcome more families each year to a remarkable, Christ-centered education in Minneapolis. Through Growing Hope, you also helped launch the Spreading Hope Network—a nationwide initiative to create more Hope Academy-like schools in high-need urban areas across the US.

Cultural Harmony in Urban Education: 10 Guiding Principles

With thousands of students representing many different ethnicities, Minneapolis has one of the most beautifully diverse school systems across all of Minnesota. Yet, we are also living and working in one of the most contentious cultural spaces in America. With so much division, how do we create cultural harmony in schools and the workplace, and a society where all people can thrive?