Head of Family Ministry

Type: This is a 0.6 FTE (24 hours per week) salary position with full-time benefits.

*Very Important: Before applying please read and carefully review our Mission + Vision, our Faith & Life Covenant, and our guiding principles about Cultural Harmony.  All board members, faculty and staff are joining a covenant community in serving here at Hope Academy.

Job Details


The Head of Family Ministry (HFM) proactively builds close, personal connections with parents, staff, and students, with a special focus on building strong connections with our school families. The HFM actively pursues and engages with families, offering the hope of Jesus Christ while holding them accountable to their commitments and responsibilities as parents and families. Equipping and guiding parents to be the primary educator of their children, the HFM will engage families as they covenant together with the school to train up their children. This position reports to the Head of School.


The primary responsibilities of this position include:

  1. Plan and implement seven key “parent covenant events” annually and ensure parent attendance and engagement.
  2. Initiate regular, timely communication with parents to strengthen their connections to the school community and keep them engaged and informed.
  3. Serve as spokesperson at parent-facing events and build genuine relationships with parents.
  4. Offer parents spiritual guidance and develop and promote opportunities and resources for them to grow spiritually (i.e. Bible studies, workshops, connections with local churches, etc.)
  5. Provide leadership, management, and accountability for Family Ministry staff and volunteers.
  6. Serve on 7-member school Leadership Team.
  7.  Lead Hope Academy’s cultural harmony initiative.

Education & Skills Required

  1. Minimum bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  2. Ability to work well cross-culturally.
  3. Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  4. Brings energy, passion, joy, and commitment to the Hope Academy community.
  5. Strong connection to, and passion to, the thriving of the urban population of Minneapolis.

General Qualifications

  1. The ideal candidate will have a passion for the mission and work of Hope Academy and a desire to play an integral part in growing the impact of Hope Academy.
  2. Ability to effectively work in a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, and economically disadvantaged urban community.
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