Growing Access, Excellence, and Opportunity this School Year

With the prayers, support, and partnership of many, we are thrilled to be welcoming more than 580 students to Hope Academy for 100% in-person learning this school year!

In light of everything that’s happened in our world – and in Minneapolis in particular – we know there’s much more work to be done. As we face new and increasing challenges, Hope Academy’s mission and purpose – to provide a remarkable, God-centered education for the youth of the city, and to foster hope in God in our community – haven’t changed.

In our 22nd year as a school, we’re committed to applying the same five strategies that have proven successful for hundreds of urban youth and their families, year after year: 1) a faith-based approach, 2) discipline & high expectations, 3) parental involvement, 4) accountability, and 5) our partner funding model. All parents have ‘skin in the game’ and pay a fair-share tuition amount for their children (10% of total cost); private donors cover the remaining 90%.

With Christ as our foundation and strength, Hope Academy is pursuing growth in three core areas this school year:


With support from financial partners, Hope Academy is able to keep tuition affordable—providing a remarkable, Christ-centered education that is accessible to hundreds of urban families. To increase access in 2021-22, we are connecting with more families in need throughout Minneapolis, and preparing to serve up to 45 more students than last school year!

After nearly a year without in-person school, we expect that many of our new students will need extra help to catch up to their peers.  To ensure all of our students continue their growth, we have temporarily hired two new teachers to provide additional academic support in the classroom this school year.

We have also added a second 11th grade section, to support Hope Academy’s growing high school this year and beyond.


Hope Academy teachers and staff are committed to growing in excellence, to honor God and provide the best possible education for urban children. Building on a strong foundation, we are:

  • Working with Great MN Schools to increase the rigor and caliber of our curriculum across K-12.
  • Training teachers in the Teaching for Transformation framework—to help deepen faith-formation in the hearts and minds of students.
  • Expanding technology resources and training to create more interactive lessons and help students build foundational skills for the future.


In addition to core classes, Hope Academy students enjoy music, art, athletics, technology, and many other subjects during the regular school year and through our 4-week summer session (mandatory K-8).

As Hope Academy grows, we’re excited to offer new and expanded opportunities in these and other enriching areas—to help students more fully see and reflect God’s image and become leaders and influencers in culture and our community.

Through HopeTECH programs in technology, robotics, coding, and woodworking, students are exploring new interests and building invaluable skills for the future. This school year, we’re incorporating more elements of HopeTECH into our core curriculum and offering new electives for 7-12th grade, including: Advanced Woodworking, Home Construction, Advanced Coding, Web Design, and Advanced Robotics; and we’re expanding partnerships with createMPLS, trade schools, and future employers to connect students to more opportunities in technology and the trades.

Each year, students also grow in areas of visual arts, musical theatre performance, persuasive speaking and writing, and more at Hope Academy. Believing that the arts help us more fully see and reflect God’s image, we’re excited to continue expanding HopeArts for students this school year and in future years.


As hundreds of students explore these new opportunities, they will continue to enjoy team sports and house tournaments; encourage one another through peer mentor groups; and practice leading and serving at Hope Academy, on mission trips, and in the community. We thank God for making all of this possible for our students and families—through many of you! Especially over the past year, you helped us provide the extra resources to navigate tremendous challenges and keep children moving forward. At a time when many were disconnected and falling behind, Hope Academy students enjoyed a stable and caring school environment, gained academic ground, and many have been changed by the Gospel.


One parent recently shared: “I have seen a complete transformation in [my daughter] for the better! We love the teachers, people, and she’s made a lot of new friends, and most importantly she has come to know and love God!!”


We invite you to watch our Hope in a Half Hour video to learn more about Hope Academy’s mission and impact, and how you can partner with us in this work for Minneapolis children and families.