At Hope Academy, we believe in how God works powerfully through community and Christ-focused relationships. All of us can point to those people in our lives who made a difference.

We incorporate mentoring into our school. Our lower school students have upper school buddies. Our upper schoolers are part of weekly mentor groups. Plus all our teachers, staff, and coaches all desire to go the extra step to build into these young lives. But even that is not enough – we could use your help. If the Lord is calling you to pour into others, we welcome you to explore the opportunities we have here at Hope.

I started mentoring because I wanted to pour into a young life.

But I think I’ve been blessed by the relationship as much as he has!

Lead a Mentor Group

Each of our middle school and high school students are in a mentor group, which is a group of 3-5 students of the same age and gender that meet weekly with a mentor and do some outside activities together.

Find out more about Mentor Groups below.

Mentor a Graduate

College is a formative but also hard time full of new options, new decisions, and new influences. Many of our students are the first in their family to go to college, so they need extra help navigating life after high school.

If you’d like to learn more about this type of mentoring, please contact [email protected]


Tutoring a Student

Sometimes the best relationship starts to form by sitting down and helping a student with their school work. You can help tutor Upper School Students by regularly serving in our Academic Support Center before and after school. We also have a number of ways to tutor Lower School Students, such as our Jump Start to Reading program with First Graders and our Mathletics program with Second Graders.

Please view our Volunteer Opportunities page for tutoring opportunities.

Student Partnership

Our Partner Sponsorship Program is an opportunity to both support Hope Academy financially while also building a relationship with a student. Our Partners are welcome to come twice a year to Partner Day to have lunch and spend time with their student partner.