I know you love a great story. And boy, do I have one to share with you today.

Two years ago, we took a big step of faith and doubled our Kindergarten from
two classes to four. Let me tell you about the
students God brought to fill the
last two seats.

Exuberant and sweet, Mia and Camila are twin sisters who live near Hope. Afraid of the stories she’d heard about local schools, their mom Silvia open-enrolled them in a suburban public school. 

Then, the unthinkable happened. Three days before Kindergarten began, Silvia’s husband left her. She didn’t know what to do, and had no way to get the girls to school. “A friend told me to call Hope Academy. They said they only had two spots left. I said, ‘Lord, this is from you!’”

“At first, Camila was a timid Kindergartener,” recounted her teacher Mrs. Harris. “It was such a gift to see her blossom in confidence as the year progressed.” Fast-forward to today and Mia is reading at a 4th-grade level—in 2nd grade!  That’s remarkable for a child learning English as her second language.

Silvia works second shift cleaning bathrooms, making just above minimum wage. She pays rent, the grocery bill, and tuition, sometimes foregoing her asthma medications just to make ends meet. When she comes home at 1:00 a.m., she checks the girls’ homework before going to bed.

“It’s a blessing to be a single mom at Hope Academy,” says Silvia. “The school and parents work hand in hand. I have so much peace because I know my girls are in a good, God-fearing place.”

I’m struck by Silvia’s story for three reasons:

   – God’s sovereignty and love in orchestrating so many details.
   – The incredible sacrifices Silvia is making.
   – The way God continues to provide for families, through you.

Simply put, Mia and Camila would not be here without partners like you.
And we’d love to welcome more children like them.

We’re still trusting the Lord for 42 Kindergarten day sponsors this school year, and 180 for the year ahead. Would you take a minute to let us know your plans, by clicking the buttons below?

Thank you for bridging the gap to a remarkable, God-centered education for inner-city youth.

With joy,

Russ Gregg
Co-Founder & Head of School