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How to Find School Tuition Assistance

Paying for private school tuition can be difficult no matter a family’s level of income. There are many different ways to pay for and receive private school tuition assistance. Here are some options:

Personal Budget. Some families choose to make changes in their spending to find assistance within their own budget. Perhaps it means taking less or smaller vacations as a family. It could also look like the family driving a vehicle for longer than they typically did in the past. There are creative and different ways families may change their spending to accommodate the new expense of private school tuition.

Friends and Family. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family friends are amazing at giving gifts for holidays, birthdays, or just because. Giving monetary gifts toward a child’s tuition is a viable option. Their generosity could turn into a significant contribution to the education of your child.

Specific School Assistance. Often private schools have tuition assistance available to their students. Whether it is like our family share option or our available scholarships – there are often times viable options within the walls of the school. Ask your school about tuition assistance!

National and State-Specific Assistance. In addition to the aforementioned areas, there are many options for private school tuition assistance nationwide and state specific. School and Student Services, run by the National Association of Independent Schools, helps parents walk through all the financial aspects of paying for private school tuition. You can use their site to apply for assistance with any of the schools you are applying to.

Fastweb, which many people use for college assistance searching, also provides information about national and regional assistance for K12 private school tuition.

Children’s Scholarship Fund lists grant, scholarship, and voucher opportunities by state for easy use.

Student and Family Loan. Sallie Mae offers low interest loans to families who need assistance in paying for their child’s K12 education. The application process is done online. They have loan options available with the current interest rates and no penalty for paying off a loan early. When other options are not available, for private school tuition assistance, this option may be beneficial to your family’s needs.

Although families can find it difficult to fund private school tuition, there are avenues of help available to cover some, if not all, of the cost. The ideas above are some of the ways that families have found assistance for their child’s K12 private school tuition.