Educational Assistant

Type: Full-time position 

Our Mission:We are driven by our mission to foster hope in God by closing the achievement gap and preparing our students for college and beyond. We are fueled by our love for God and his care for every one of our students which motivates us to get better every day. Join our team of mission-driven brothers and sisters to work hard, do good, and make a difference.

*Very Important: Before applying please read and carefully review our Mission + Vision, our Faith & Life Covenant, and our guiding principles about Cultural Harmony.  All board members, faculty and staff are joining a covenant community in serving here at Hope Academy

Job Details

  1. Assist teachers to coordinate efforts to address learning loss.
  2. Support the teacher in classroom management and student discipline. Make wise decisions independently.
  3. Assist in assessment of student growth.
  4. Confidently supervise students in classrooms, halls, cafeteria, playground, and gymnasium, or on field trips.
  5. Ability to see classroom needs during instruction and provide support where needed.

Education & Skills Required

  1. College degree preferred but not required
  2. Classroom or school-related experience is a plus

General Faculty Qualifications

  1. The ideal candidate will have a passion for the mission and work of Hope Academy and a desire to play an integral part in growing the impact of Hope Academy.
  2. Ability to effectively work in a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, and economically disadvantaged urban community.