Finding Hope Again

For DaShawna and her siblings, growing up in Minneapolis wasn’t easy.  

“All of our life, our mom struggled with drug addiction. The neighborhood we lived in was gang affiliated, and sometimes there would be shootouts. A lot of the things that were happening we just kind of bottled inside, because we didn’t want to look weak.”

But, at Hope Academy, DaShawna experienced something radically different. Year after year, God used the love of teachers, staff, and students to sow deep seeds of faith in her life—faith that has helped her overcome incredible challenges, and produced beautiful fruit decades later.  

DaShawna was one of our very first students, attending Hope Academy from second to eighth grade. Looking back on this time, she described her teachers as joyful and patient. 

“They didn’t just comfort me, but they also instilled things in me like confidence. ‘You are a child of God, you are loved, you are important to me, and you are important to God.’”

Though she continued to face severe trials in high school and college—walking far away from God for many years—DaShawna knew that Hope Academy was a place where she would always find love and support. 

“Shortly after having Levi, I was introduced to the moms from mom’s group [at Hope Academy]. It was so nice to be back in this setting with safe adults that I knew loved me and had my best interest at heart.”

Since then, God has continued to do a remarkable work in DaShawna’s life. Today, she is a wife and mother, actively involved in a church community, and working with teens at Young Life! 

“Now I get to work with kids in West St. Paul, reaching those furthest out kids and reintroducing them to Christ and showing them—yes, you can come from very rough backgrounds, but that doesn’t have to define who you are or your future. Going back to those core values and those principles that were instilled at such a young age [at Hope Academy], if I had not had that, I don’t think that I would have had a desire to be any different than what I knew.”

When DaShawna first came to Hope Academy in 2000, we were serving 35 students K-2. By God’s grace, we’ve since grown to serve 590 students K-12! At our annual gala earlier this month, DaShawna’s second grade teacher, Mrs. Brown, shared:  

“That first year, there were five of us sitting around a table, excited about the mission of Hope Academy, and every day clinging to Jesus…We were just clinging to him to show us how to build this school, how to help the students, how to connect with families. Just last week we had a staff development day…it was that same feeling of people loving the mission of what they are doing here and pouring themselves out for it, and really clinging to Jesus every day to move forward and connect with families and students in ways that are meaningful and that have a great impact.”

Each year, Hope Academy partners with donors to provide a remarkable, God-centered education to children who wouldn’t otherwise have access in Minneapolis. Together, financial gifts provide for 90% of the cost to educate our students—keeping Hope Academy affordable to hundreds of low-income families.  

Would you consider a year-end gift to Hope Academy, to help us serve more children and families and navigate the challenges of this school year together? 

Your gift would help provide for 45 additional, new students, and increase the support and opportunities for all of our 590 students to thrive.  


A Beacon of Hope in 2020-21

Millions of students across the US—particularly low-income children and children of color—have fallen months behind in school during COVID-19. But by God’s grace, urban youth at Hope Academy have continued gaining ground.

While COVID-19 and other challenges threatened to cancel school, you helped Hope Academy remain open for the children of the city.

When children were struggling, we didn’t lower the standards. Instead, teachers and staff leaned in to provide extra support and encouragement. 329 students received extra support!

Combating COVID Learning Loss

Our students and families rose to the challenge—showing remarkable perseverance in the face of adversity.

Growing in Faith

Students learned about God and experienced His love daily from their teachers. Each child has memorized priceless truths about their identity in Him. “We will display a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.” – Hope Academy Declaration, Ref. Isaiah 61. Families have been strengthened in a supportive, Christ-centered community.

Hope Academy has been my rock. They show me that they’re not just a school—they’re like a family. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and you’re not alone.
– Lydia Thompson, Hope Academy Parent

Building Foundational Skills for Life and Work

Through our new HopeTECH Initiative, students gained hands-on experience in technology and other growing trades.

Students also practiced teamwork through House tournaments, athletics, the arts, robotics club, and many other enriching activities throughout the school year and our 4-week summer session (mandatory K-8).

Becoming “Oaks of Righteousness”

Seniors showed remarkable unity and strength of character as they prepared for graduation and life after Hope Academy. We’re thanking God for:


Hope Academy graduates are pursuing higher education, growing in careers, and serving as volunteers and mentors in our community.

I’ve been able to mentor Hope Academy students with other fellow Hope Academy grads. To be able to do that all together and for it to stem out of the place that I love so much…it’s such a beautiful thing.” – Kenneth Granados, Class of 2018

Partnering Together

When COVID hit, we began asking God to do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine for the youth of our city – and your investments have done just that. Thank you for praying and giving so generously to provide this remarkable, God-centered education in Minneapolis. “We love Hope Academy and all it does for those in the inner city: giving hope, faith, love of the Bible, a remarkable education, and the role models for an abundant life. More than ever today, our cities and country need all that Hope Academy provides!”– John and Sherry Swanson

Each year, 90% of our costs are paid for by donors like you – making Hope Academy affordable for all!

See more of the difference you’ve made at Hope Academy in our 2020-21 Annual Report:

The Power of a True Education

Remarks adapted from Russ Gregg’s Partner Day address Fall 2021 

Learning is rarely easy; it almost always comes at a sacrifice. 

C.S. Lewis described the challenge of learning during World War II like this: 

“There are always plenty of rivals to our work…If we let ourselves, we shall always be waiting for some distraction or other to end before we can really get down to our work. The only people who achieve much are those who want knowledge so badly that they seek it while the conditions are still unfavorable. Favorable conditions never come… We must do the best we can.”  

Conditions  have been anything but favorable in urban education. 

The stress of doing school in the midst of a pandemic has been exhausting for our families, students, and staff. This summer felt like we were finally coming to the end of swimming a marathon, only to be told in August that we weren’t just swimming a marathon—we were competing in an ironman triathlon.  

An explosion of violence has amplified this stress. Carjackings, armed robberies, gun violence,  and assaults—all are up significantly in Minneapolis this year. In September, 12 year-old London Michael Bean was shot and killed on our North Side after a dispute with another 12 year-old. 

Trying to make sense of this senseless tragedy, StarTribune columnist, Myron Medcalf, put his finger on the core of the problem–the absence of hope. He said, 

“The gun is not the first problem. It’s just the last and most pivotal problem. It starts at the beginning. Young people, of any background, become more reckless when they are offered few reasons to believe they have bright futures.” 

He went on to say, 

“Too many Black kids in our city do not believe there is anything better behind Door No. 2. And if that’s not addressed, then the list of 30 children under 18 who have been shot this year in Minneapolis will grow.” 

Mr. Medcalf then asked city leaders and his readers if anybody had a plan to instill more hope in a city where it was clearly waning for urban kids. 

Well, my answer, Mr. Medcalf, is, “Yes, we do!” And it lies in what we at Hope Academy call “true education.” 

NY Times columnist, David Brooks, contends that the problems we face today—the collapse of trust and the rise of animosity and the loss of hope—stem not from our lack of facts, but from our nation’s schools’ failure to instill moral knowledge in our youth. 

Over the past decades, we’ve cut education in half. We’ve focused on developing reason and critical thinking skills to the exclusion of the all-important moral knowledge. Christian education is foremost about the formation of a certain kind of heart—a heart that loves God and what God loves. This is true education.

Here’s an example of what this looks like in a Hope Academy classroom. When students mistreat others, either physically or verbally, we help the offenders own up to their sin and apologize, instead of blaming and avoiding responsibility. We also have a message for the ones wronged. Instead of retaliating and taking vengeance, students are encouraged to forgive and show mercy, just as God has lavished mercy on them. This fosters a culture of humility and grace.  

The Scriptures also teach about two kinds of wisdom—heavenly wisdom and earthly wisdom.  

The Apostle James says,

…the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.” (James 3:17-18) 

How does this heavenly wisdom play out at Hope Academy? It means we will believe the best of one another. It means we will give one another the benefit of the doubt. We’ll be quick to listen and slow to speak. We’ll seek to forgive offenses from the heart and speak the truth in love. 

True education fosters solution-oriented approaches vs. blame-oriented approaches. It pursues unity instead of nurturing division. It fosters the kind of hope that our city is crying out for, the kind of hope that our youth are dying without. 

And, even in unfavorable conditions, it bears remarkable fruit. Hope Academy students are learning to love God and find their identity in Him; to seek wisdom from above; to humbly ask for and extend forgiveness; and to pursue excellence, knowing that “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”  

In some of the largest urban school districts nationwide, math and reading proficiency rates for African-American 8th graders are down in the teens and single digits—such as Detroit where as little as 5% are proficient in math, and only 6% in reading (The Nation’s Report Card, 2019). By God’s grace, a majority of Hope Academy’s students of color are proficient in both math and reading.  

Hope in God changes everything. Thank you, and God bless you for helping to make a true education affordable for everyone. 

We invite you to watch or share our “Hope in a Half Hour” video to learn more about the impact of a true education, and how you can join in this beautiful work.


See God’s Remarkable Work in Our Seniors

We’ve experienced a lot of darkness in Minneapolis over the past year and a half. But, Hope Academy seniors have shown incredible perseverance.

It’s been a joy to see God’s work in the lives of these students throughout their time at Hope Academy. 8 of our seniors have been here since kindergarten! For years, they’ve been surrounded by a loving community and learned priceless truths like “I am created in the image of God, and He loves me beyond my imagination.”

Students have also learned that true and lasting hope comes from looking upward, not inward—from loving and serving God and our neighbors.

Last spring as juniors, these young men and women had the opportunity to travel to New Orleans, Louisiana, where they served alongside Hope Academy staff and ministry partners. Students worked hard all week to meet needs in the community, grew in friendships with classmates and adult mentors, worshipped together, and daily heard the Gospel. Many committed their lives to Christ!

“After the New Orleans mission trip, several young women were excited about continuing to learn more about the Lord,” shared Mrs. Hoilien, our Director of Student Support. “So, we started doing a Bible study. The women were committed to coming in two hours before school started on Friday mornings. I’m seeing students who are eager to spend time with the Lord. That has been so encouraging.”

COVID-19, violence, cultural divisions, and other enormous challenges have shaken our Minneapolis community and left many feeling hopeless. But, hope in God has kept our seniors moving forward.

“Our class is so full of joy and a hunger for Christ,” shared Nakila.

From tutoring and mentoring to leading in sports and on mission trips—these men and women are becoming lights for younger students, their families, and our city.

“Many of my classmates take time out of their mornings to come in to school and tutor other students,” shared Nathanael. “There are many captains who have really sought to push their teams forward and show what it means to be a leader.”

We’re so grateful for the many parents, teachers, staff, and partners who have invested in a remarkable, Christ-centered education for the students at Hope Academy.

Year after year, hundreds of urban youth are beating the odds, growing in excellence, and spreading hope to their families and our community.

See more of Hope Academy’s mission and impact in our Hope in a Half Hour video, and learn how you can partner with us in this work for Minneapolis children and families.


Her Title:

Admissions Lower School Coordinator

What does she do?

Ady gets to walk families through the Admissions process, and share the mission and vision of Hope Academy. She also gets to listen to families’ stories, pray with them, and share about the wonderful opportunity that Hope Academy offers!

Favorite Memory:

“It must be Home Visits! During my last in-person home visit, both teachers visiting our home brought along pictures of themselves of when they were kids/ teens. It was a moment of connections, of sharing, laughter, and vulnerability. I appreciated that so much!”

Years at Hope:

She’s going into her 6th year at Hope Academy!

Any advice for our parents?

“Persevere, persevere, persevere! Hold on to the rock, your strong tower! The rain will come, the streams will rise, and the wind may beat against you, yet you will not fall because you are founded on the rock!”

Fun Facts:

  1. She has a geographic tongue.
  2. She likes to put lime and salt on everything.
  3. She is a young grandma and has a 4-year-old grandson!
  4. This past summer she was able to visit her family’s hometown of Tlalayo, Morelos in Mexico for the first time in 17 years!

Thank you Mrs. Pliego for your joy-filled spirit and the way you serve our families! You balance so many tasks with grace and excellence. It’s hard to leave a conversation with you and not feel more peaceful and loved! Thank you for all you do for our Hope Academy community! Keep being you and shining for Jesus!


His Title:

Head of Family Ministry and Lower School Dean

What does he do?

Mr. G gets to organize Parent Covenant Events and shepherd the hearts of lower school students! He also facilitates a Kindergarten Parent Group, which is designed to build community and help K parents process and learn about the joys and pains of parenting. He even started a Boys to Men (Rites of Passage Group) for 4th and 5th grade guys to understand who they are and what they can be!

Favorite Memory:

“My favorite memory is having my children here at Hope in their middle school years, there is nothing like having your children in your school and being able to instruct them. I was the middle school Bible teacher at that time.”


Years at Hope:

He’s going into his 14th year at Hope!

Any advice for our parents?

“Parenting is extremely hard and full of sacrifices, so give yourself some GRACE, when it gets difficult!!!!!!!!!!”

Fun Facts:

1. Mr. G loves toys and even collects DC and Marvel action figures!

2. He loves Western movies. (His favorite is The Magnificent Seven!)

3. He is extremely scared of mice.

Thank you Mr. G for the way you point our students to Christ and love on them so well! Our Hope Academy community has been blessed by you in so many different ways the past 14 years, and we are forever changed for the better. Not everyone can be a preacher, teacher, and therapist all in one! Keep being you and shining for Jesus!

Watch Mr. G share about how Hope Academy is remarkable BEYOND the classroom!

Technology, the Trades, and More Career Paths for Students

Each year at Hope Academy, urban youth are gaining the knowledge, values, life skills, and opportunities to succeed at a traditional four-year college or university. Through our new HopeTECH initiative, students are also gaining an onramp to explore technology, construction, and other fast-growing trades:

In March, Associated Builders and Contractors reported a shortage of 430,000 construction professionals in 2021—with nearly a million more workers needed by the end of 2023 to meet increasing market demands. We’re also seeing significant growth in manufacturing[1] and considerable growth in other areas like Information Technology.[2] With a technical degree, graduates are quickly finding jobs in the trades, with strong entry-level pay. In 2020, nearly all graduates (95%) from Dunwoody College of Technology were employed in their field six months after graduation—at an average salary of $53,700[3]!

Hope Academy is working diligently to provide hundreds of urban youth in Minneapolis with access to learning opportunities in these and other growing fields—to help all of our students connect to meaningful and sustainable careers after graduation.

Since 2015, we have partnered with a local nonprofit, createMPLS, to provide coding and robotics classes and competitive teams for our students. In 2020, generous partners also helped us design and build a trades and technology learning lab and launch our HopeTECH Initiative—to provide students with more exposure and opportunities in technology and the skilled trades.

Over the past year, students have been enjoying enriching electives in coding, robotics, and woodworking, as well as required general technology courses that help build foundational skills and knowledge in these subjects.

We’ve been so grateful to see the joy on students’ faces as they explore, create, and discover new passions that could also open doors to promising future careers. Mrs. Hall, our technology integration specialist recently shared:

“Technology teaches students problem solving, it teaches them perseverance; it encourages them, and they are able to use their God-given gifts of creativity as well…I hope to develop through all of these programs a desire in the students to persevere, a desire in the students to attempt to do things that perhaps they thought were too challenging, and to consider fields that perhaps they thought were beyond them. I hope that they will understand that the world is open to them.”

This school year, we are expanding HopeTECH across our curriculum and offering several new electives for students—including Advanced Woodworking, Home Construction, Advanced Coding, Web Design, and Advanced Robotics.

Through a classical, Christ-centered education at Hope Academy, students are gaining essential values and habits like perseverance, timeliness, punctuality, honor, optimism, and service; developing a strong foundation of hope in Christ; and preparing to become the next leaders in our community, in business and commerce, in ministry, and in their homes.

Hope Academy is inviting employers, trade schools, and community members to help advance this work for urban youth in Minneapolis, by connecting more students to vocational training and pathways to employment.

We have several opportunities for you to partner with us this school year. You can visit a class to share about your career, volunteer with our robotics program second semester, sponsor the cost for a student to attend Hope Academy, provide internships and employment opportunities for students and graduates, and more!

To learn about investing in the future of work for students at Hope Academy, please contact


[1] ABC: The Construction Industry Needs to Hire an Additional 430,000 Craft Professionals in 2021. Associated Builders and Contractors – National Office. (2021, March 23).

[2] Janco Associates, Inc. (n.d.). IT Job Market and US National Employment Data. 2021 IT Job Market and BLS Data Analysis by Janco.

[3] Newsroom, P. author B. (2021, June 29). Starting salaries continue to rise for Dunwoody Grads. Dunwoody College News.

Growing Access, Excellence, and Opportunity this School Year

With the prayers, support, and partnership of many, we are thrilled to be welcoming more than 580 students to Hope Academy for 100% in-person learning this school year!

In light of everything that’s happened in our world – and in Minneapolis in particular – we know there’s much more work to be done. As we face new and increasing challenges, Hope Academy’s mission and purpose – to provide a remarkable, God-centered education for the youth of the city, and to foster hope in God in our community – haven’t changed.

In our 22nd year as a school, we’re committed to applying the same five strategies that have proven successful for hundreds of urban youth and their families, year after year: 1) a faith-based approach, 2) discipline & high expectations, 3) parental involvement, 4) accountability, and 5) our partner funding model. All parents have ‘skin in the game’ and pay a fair-share tuition amount for their children (10% of total cost); private donors cover the remaining 90%.

With Christ as our foundation and strength, Hope Academy is pursuing growth in three core areas this school year:


With support from financial partners, Hope Academy is able to keep tuition affordable—providing a remarkable, Christ-centered education that is accessible to hundreds of urban families. To increase access in 2021-22, we are connecting with more families in need throughout Minneapolis, and preparing to serve up to 45 more students than last school year!

After nearly a year without in-person school, we expect that many of our new students will need extra help to catch up to their peers.  To ensure all of our students continue their growth, we have temporarily hired two new teachers to provide additional academic support in the classroom this school year.

We have also added a second 11th grade section, to support Hope Academy’s growing high school this year and beyond.


Hope Academy teachers and staff are committed to growing in excellence, to honor God and provide the best possible education for urban children. Building on a strong foundation, we are:

  • Working with Great MN Schools to increase the rigor and caliber of our curriculum across K-12.
  • Training teachers in the Teaching for Transformation framework—to help deepen faith-formation in the hearts and minds of students.
  • Expanding technology resources and training to create more interactive lessons and help students build foundational skills for the future.


In addition to core classes, Hope Academy students enjoy music, art, athletics, technology, and many other subjects during the regular school year and through our 4-week summer session (mandatory K-8).

As Hope Academy grows, we’re excited to offer new and expanded opportunities in these and other enriching areas—to help students more fully see and reflect God’s image and become leaders and influencers in culture and our community.

Through HopeTECH programs in technology, robotics, coding, and woodworking, students are exploring new interests and building invaluable skills for the future. This school year, we’re incorporating more elements of HopeTECH into our core curriculum and offering new electives for 7-12th grade, including: Advanced Woodworking, Home Construction, Advanced Coding, Web Design, and Advanced Robotics; and we’re expanding partnerships with createMPLS, trade schools, and future employers to connect students to more opportunities in technology and the trades.

Each year, students also grow in areas of visual arts, musical theatre performance, persuasive speaking and writing, and more at Hope Academy. Believing that the arts help us more fully see and reflect God’s image, we’re excited to continue expanding HopeArts for students this school year and in future years.


As hundreds of students explore these new opportunities, they will continue to enjoy team sports and house tournaments; encourage one another through peer mentor groups; and practice leading and serving at Hope Academy, on mission trips, and in the community. We thank God for making all of this possible for our students and families—through many of you! Especially over the past year, you helped us provide the extra resources to navigate tremendous challenges and keep children moving forward. At a time when many were disconnected and falling behind, Hope Academy students enjoyed a stable and caring school environment, gained academic ground, and many have been changed by the Gospel.


One parent recently shared: “I have seen a complete transformation in [my daughter] for the better! We love the teachers, people, and she’s made a lot of new friends, and most importantly she has come to know and love God!!”


We invite you to watch our Hope in a Half Hour video to learn more about Hope Academy’s mission and impact, and how you can partner with us in this work for Minneapolis children and families.



Spreading Hope to Five New Cities, and Counting!

Four years ago, many of you helped make room for 700 children to attend Hope Academy through the Growing Hope Capital Campaign.

With a new gym, expanded cafeteria, and additional classroom spaces, we’re excited to welcome more families each year to a remarkable, Christ-centered education in Minneapolis.

Through Growing Hope, you also helped launch the Spreading Hope Network—a nationwide initiative to create more Hope Academy-like schools in high-need urban areas across the US. (Schools funded and operated independent of Hope Academy.)

Today, we’re celebrating:

Five new schools open, and five schools launching soon!

Hundreds of Children Enjoying Access to a Quality, Classical, Christian Education.

Hope Spreading to families and communities!

Hundreds of leaders equipped to serve thousands of inner-city children in God-centered schools.

21 years ago, God gave Russ Gregg the courage to quit his job and do something crazy: start a school for his neighbors’ children in Minneapolis. Since then, Hope Academy has grown from serving 35 students K-2 to 545 students K-12. And, leaders from across the country are catching the vision to start God-centered schools in their home cities.

Join Jim Stigman as he interviews Spreading Hope leadership on Monday, August 30th from 4-4:30PM — to learn about Spreading Hope’s impact, model, and vision for the future.

Register Now!

Or visit to learn more.

Cultural Harmony in Urban Education: 10 Guiding Principles

With thousands of students representing many different ethnicities, Minneapolis has one of the most beautifully diverse school systems across all of Minnesota—providing a wonderful opportunity for us to learn from many unique perspectives.

Yet, we are also living and working in one of the most contentious cultural spaces in America. Amid starkly opposing viewpoints that are being fueled by a constant influx of news and social media, navigating the current climate feels more challenging than ever.

With so much division, how do we create cultural harmony in schools and the workplace, and a society where all people can thrive?

Hope Academy believes that God’s love has the power to create unity across cultures, ethnicities, income levels, and political parties. As our school creed states, “We are a kingdom school”; and Jesus said to his disciples, “my kingdom is not of this world.” This means we have the distinct joy of pursuing a higher calling—to love God and each other, even and especially in our differences. Ten guiding principles have helped us continue this growth as a school community:

Our 10 Guiding Principles

1. We believe our commitment to the supreme authority and truth of the Scriptures deeply impacts our understanding of cultural harmony and should inform both our strategies and tactics of how we pursue the unity of the Spirit together.

2. We believe that perspective matters, and ideas have consequences. Therefore, we believe the Bible gives us a distinctively God-centered way to understand issues of race, justice, culture, equity, and reconciliation. We recognize that while secular resources may be helpful, they are often lacking in truth or love and will need to be aligned to a biblical perspective.

3. We believe that our identity in Christ supersedes all other identities. Recognizing two over-arching, super-bloodlines (we are image-bearers of God and blood-bought members of the family of God) profoundly affects our pursuit of cultural harmony. Submitted to these two super-bloodlines, culture and ethnicity will flourish as beautiful creations of God that should be recognized, engaged, and celebrated because they ultimately help us to know and love God better.

4. We believe that understanding both the original and on-going sin-nature of every human being is essential in our pursuit of cultural harmony. This implies on-going vigilance, self-examination, and repentance for bias, abuse of power, and prejudice.

5. We believe the gospel of Jesus Christ is powerful enough to help us do the necessary work of recognizing historic sins of racism with honesty, humility, and hope. We lament the painful legacy that racism and discrimination have left our society, and we are committed to fighting it in every form, personally and systemically.

6. We believe the gospel of the forgiveness of sins through the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit fundamentally infuses our pursuit of cultural harmony with hope when we are tempted to despair.

7. We believe Jesus’ jubilee commitment to lead a movement that “proclaims good news to the poor and sets at liberty those who are oppressed” (Isaiah 61:1-3; Mark 4:18-19) means that our responsibility to prepare servant leaders equipped to practice justice is not optional.

8. We believe the family is a primary institution of faith formation and development. We will leverage the distinctive, God-given role of the family in shaping children’s humble, wise, and courageous hearts for engaging in the flourishing of cultural harmony.

9. We believe that role models are important and necessary in growing up into the love of God and the character of Christ. We will intentionally pursue staff who deeply understand and sympathize with our students’ life experiences because our parents and students have told us this is important to them.

10. We believe that we can maintain the unity of the spirit by “bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.” (2 Cor. 10:5) We will expose Satan’s wicked lies designed to sabotage kingdom initiatives and divide the people of God.

Jesus prayed that his followers would “all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me.“(John 17:20-21)

As a private, Christian K-12 school—serving hundreds of families in some of the highest need areas of Minneapolis—Hope Academy has a unique opportunity to display God’s love and mercy, as evidenced by cultural harmony within our school community.

We invite you to watch as Hope Academy students recite Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, and to join us in praying for and pursuing the unity of our Lord, who calls his followers to peace.