Most recent update(s) on each of our Alumni.

2015 Hope Academy Graduates


Stats about the 2015 Graduating Class:

  • 13 Students Graduated
  • 4th graduating class from Hope Academy
  • 2 graduates received scholarships from the Hope Scholars Fund and Inverted Arts Scholarship.
  • 5 current and former students received full-ride scholarships via the ActSix Program for emerging urban leaders

2015 Graduate Updates:

  • Benjamin Anfinson, University of Northwestern-St. Paul (MN).
  • Matthew Anfinson, Bethel University (MN) is living on campus and playing football—ActsSix scholar.
  • Stephanie Aquino, University of Northwestern-St. Paul (MN), is living on campus and enjoying school (Hope Scholar).
  • Ephraim Bird, St. Thomas Univ. (MN), lives on campus and is running cross country.
  • Noelle Brothen is working full-time.
  • Shania Castillo,  University of Northwestern-St. Paul (MN), is living on campus—ActsSix scholar.
  • Elizabeth Knudson, is working full-time.
  • Jasmine Lewis, is pursuing education from North Central University, spring 2016.
  • Collin Maakestad is working and plans to start at MCTC (MN) in 2016.
  • Vashti Nieves, Univ. of Northwestern-St. Paul (MN).
  • Ruth Norman, Univ. of Northwestern-St. Paul (MN), is enjoying school—ActsSix scholar.
  • Grant Paulson, is working and enrolled at St. Cloud State Univ. (MN) for fall.  Samantha Ruhland, Normandale Community College (MN), (Hope Scholar).
2014 Annual Report

Updates on all 39 Senior Graduates (2012-2014)

The following alumni updates are featured in our 2013-2014 Annual Report.


Digna Bermejo, Mpls Comm. & Tech. College (MN), is taking general classes and enjoying school.

Carmen Bermejo, Argosy University (MN), is taking general classes and enjoying school.

Lani Crowell, U. of M–Twin Cities (MN), is a student in the School of Engineering, and has had a great start.

Kalen Davis, N. Henn. Tech. College (MN), is taking general classes and plans to pursue media/communications.

Jamie Delgado-Dominguez, St. Paul Comm. College (MN), is planning on going into nursing.

Micah Fisher, North Central Univ. (MN), is on a Hope Scholarship and loving school. He still serves at Hope regularly.

Christian McFadden, Southeastern Univ. (FL), likes school but will transfer to North Central Univ. (MN) in January.

Teia Mosley, Minneapolis Comm. & Tech. College (MN), is taking generals and plans to pursue a business degree.

Kara Nickolay,  N. Henn. Tech. College (MN), is taking general classes and plans to pursue a business degree.

Abraham Norman, Hillsdale College (MI),  is on a full-tuition and Hope Scholarship. “I love it here!” he said.

Alexis Owens, Calvin College (MI), (see p. 3) is on a Hope Scholarship and doing work-study. She studies English and education and “loves college life!”

Darrius Ross, N. Henn. Tech. College (MN), is taking generals and plans to pursue business. He works at Target.

Allyson Salinas-Ward, Univ. of Northwestern–St. Paul (MN), is making friendships and enjoying classes. She says, “chapel is my favorite part of the day.”

Yosief Temnewo, Normandale Comm. College (MN), is taking general classes and not sure of his major just yet.


Abby Anfinson served in AmericCorp in New York City last year. She started at MCTC this fall. She works as a nanny.

Alandra Brown-Cox transferred to Anoka-Ramsey Comm. College (MN). She played basketball last year.

Anna Carlson, Seattle Pacific University (WA), is studying English literature and loving school. She has started a work-study job on campus this year.

Precious Collins, St. Catherine’s University, (MN)  is on a full scholarship. She lives off campus with three other St. Kate students. She enjoys her classes. and comes back to visit Hope often.

Michael Cushing is finishing generals at North Hennepin Comm. College (MN) and is working full-time at Best Buy.

Mayra Herrera, North Henn. Comm. College (MN), studies nursing. She is a full-time wife, mother, and student.

Jeff Holley has started classes at Anoka-Ramsey this fall.

Elizabeth Knudson, North Dakota State Univ. (ND), is deciding on a major. She is residing with relatives who live close to the college.

Vivanco Marquez is still deciding on his future plans.

Iliana Martinez is working full-time and making future plans.

Auryanna Owens, Cornerstone Univ. (MI), is on a Hope Scholarship. She is studying audio production.

Halley Park is working and starting classes at MCTC in January.

Carissa Simons, Mpls. Comm. & Tech. College (MN), is finishing generals and plans to go into nursing.

Lindsay Simons, Seattle Pacific Univ. (WA),  is enjoying school and the area.


Jemimah Chaisuk lives in Thailand and is enrolled in a University there.

Leah Ferguson, Wellesley College (MA) continues to love school, studying computer science and math, and blogs at:

Giovanni Herrera is working full-time and also is a full-time dad!

Kelly Klos, North Central Univ. (MN),  is a Children’s Ministry major and doing work study while living at home.

Ashley Klos, St. Catherine’s Univ. (MN) is doing well and living at home.

Freddie Lawler, Itasca Comm. College (MN), is studying graphic design and thriving in school. He will transfer to St. Cloud State Univ. in the fall of 2015.

Alex Marquez lives nearby and is working full-time at a company that distributes cell phones to all major carriers.

Caleb Miller, Century Comm. College, is continuing his generals.

Christi Miller, Century Comm. College (MN), is finishing EMT certification.

Merhawi Temnewo, transferred to Augsburg College (MN), A Horatio Alger scholar, he is a Comp. Science major.

Alyssa Zink, US Air Force, married to Alexander Dahl on Oct. 12, 2014. Many former classmates and staff attended the wedding in Cottage Grove, MN. They are stationed in S. Dakota.

Hope Academy Class of 2014 (with Photos!)

A special thanks to the hundreds of you who joined us to celebrate the class of 2014 on May 31, 2014. Click here to see photos from the commencement.

Congratulations to Digna Bermejo (Minneapolis Community & Technical College), Carmen Bermejo(Minneapolis Community & Technical College), Lani Crowell (University of Minnesota – Twin Cities), Kalen Davis (North Hennepin Community College), Jamie Delgado-Dominguez (St. Paul Community College), Micah Fisher (North Central University),Christian McFadden (Southeastern University (FL)), Teia Mosley (Minneapolis Community & Technical College), Kara Nickolay (North Hennepin Community College), Abraham Norman (Hillsdale College (MI)), Alexis Owens (Calvin College (MI)), Darrius Ross (Southeastern University (FL)), Allyson Salinas-Ward (University of Northwestern – St. Paul), Yosief Temnewo (Normandale Community College).

Hope Academy is my framework

Abraham Norman (Class of 2014)
Abraham Norman delivered this address at the Commencement Exercises of the class of 2014 on Saturday, May 30, 2014. Abraham will be studying at Hillsdale College (MI) in the fall on a full-tuition scholarship.

My fellow classmates, friends and brothers and sisters in Christ, it is an honor to have the opportunity to address you today. I am so thankful that God has blessed me by placing each and every one of you in my life. We have the unique opportunity of being able to count each other as more than friends, but family.

There were times where we all were not as close as we are now. Times where it seemed we were constantly battling each other. But, we wouldn’t be able to consider ourselves true family if we never had conflict and overcame that conflict. By God’s grace throughout the years he has helped us to mend the relationships that were broken.

There are not many other senior classes in the world today that know each and every one of their classmates as well as each of us know one another. Not many others have had the opportunity to get the irreplaceable education we have received here at Hope either. To have a rich classical education immersed in Christ centered values. It is this that will make each one of us as an individual stand out in the world.

When a group of architects begin to construct a beautiful sky scraper, they don’t start with the top of the building or the interior of the building or the exterior of the building. The group of architects does not start with the weakest part of the sky scraper, but the strongest part.

The first item that is used to construct the building is the cornerstone.

But the cornerstone alone is not sufficient for a building. The next step in the process is building the framework.  If someone were to come and remove that framework of a sky scraper, it would come plummeting down into a heap of nothing.

Like the construction of a skyscraper, our time here at Hope Academy has been the construction of who we will all become as men and women of Christ.

Jesus Christ is our cornerstone — but Hope Academy is our framework.

Because of the education we have been able to receive her at Hope Academy we are prepared to go out into the world and face its numerous problems. Not to only just face the many problems the world throws at us but to face them, and conquer them.

But Hope Academy is not our framework just because of the education received here but most importantly because of the strong Christian faith that it instills in all of us. The reason that we are able to use our knowledge gained here at Hope to combat the worlds rising issues is because we have been rooted firmly in the word of God.

There will come times in the future for each one of us that others will try and knock us down. The world will cast its evils at us in hopes of causing us to come plummeting to the ground in a big heap of nothingness just like the sky scraper without a cornerstone or a framework. But ultimately the world will not succeed.

Our framework is Hope Academy and we are rooted in our unwavering faith in Jesus Christ. My charge for you today, my fellow classmates, is to go out into the world fearless and full of courage. To face the issues and problems in the world head on, unwavering. With the creator of the universe on our side there is nothing that cannot be overcome.

I would like to end with this. I am truly, truly blessed to have experienced this part of my life with you all. There is no other group of people in the world that I would have rather accomplished high school with. And listen when I say I love each and every one of you more than you know. I am so excited to see how the Lord uses us for his glory.

Now go out into the world and do great things. Illuminating the dark and bringing Christ to the world.


Hope Academy Class of 2013

A special thanks to the hundreds of you who joined us to celebrate the class of 2013 on June 1, 2013. Click here to see photos from the commencement.

Congratulations to:

BACK ROW: Anna Knudson (North Dakota State University), Alandra Brown-Cox (Inver Hills Community College), Carissa Simons (University of Minnesota – Twin Cities), Michael Cushing (Normandale Community College), Lindsay Simons (Seattle Pacific University); ROW 2: Precious Collins (St. Katherine’s University), Jeff Holley (Minneapolis Community & Technical College), Halley Park (Minneapolis Community & Technical College), Vivanco Marquez (Minnesota Arts Institute); ROW 1: Auryanna Owens (Cornerstone University (MI)), Anna Carlson (Seattle Pacific University), Mayra Herrera (Minneapolis Community & Technical College), Iliana Martinez (Minneapolis Community & Technical College), Abby Anfinson (University of Minnesota – Twin Cities).

Graduating Class of 2012

Back row (L to R): Caleb Miller, Freddie Lawler, Merhawi Temnewo, Alex Marquez; Middle row (L to R): Ashley Klos, Giovanni Herrera, Alyssa Zink, Kelly Klos; Bottom row (L to R): Leah Ferguson, Jemimah Chaisuk, ChristiAnn Miller

Jemimah Sakhounna Dove Chaisuk

Japan, Meafahlaung University; English

“I would like to thank my parents for raising me up to be the woman I am today; my friends for being there for me; Jen and Josh for letting me come into their lives and instructing me in the way of the Lord; the teachers who cared and taught me so much. Most of all, for God who put me in this school and believes in me.”

Leah Emma Ferguson  N***~

Wellesley College

“I would like to thank my teachers for always making me do more work than I thought I needed to (or wanted to). Thank you to my family for always being encouraging and to my friends for being the best classmates I could ever hope for.”

Ashley Elizabeth Klos *

St. Catherine University

“I am thankful to my family who were there when I needed them. They have been there through all the school events and college applications. I wouldn’t be anywhere without them. I am grateful for all of the love and support they have given me.”

Kelly Ann Klos **

North Central University; Children and Family Ministries

“I would like to thank my family for pushing me to work hard at my schooling and for all the love they have shown me. I would like to thank my classmates for giving me the encouragement I needed to finish my schoolwork. I love my family and friends so much! I am thankful that they have encouraged me to seek God over everything. I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.”

Freddie Rico Lawler Jr.

Crown College, United States Marine Corp Reserve

“I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Ziegler for inviting me into their home. My teachers for helping achieve my education in high school, my classmates and friends for helping me whenever I needed them and being part of my life, my coaches for helping my body during sports as well as my education in sports. And, my parents for loving me, taking care of me, teaching me with godly intentions, and putting up with me for 18 years. Last, but not least, is God. God, there are not enough words to say thank you for everything – and I mean EVERYTHING. But, for right now and forever, thank you. I love you all.”


Messiaen Alexander Marquez

Hennepin Technical College

“I would like to thank my teachers for all the knowledge that I learned. I appreciate their help. They showed me so many new things. I also want to thank my mentor group for helping me get ready for adulthood. And, I also thank God for life and the strength to finish high school, and pursue his future plan for me. I would like to thank my family for their love and support to finish high school. I love them so much, and I hope they will keep supporting me when I’m in college and on my own.”

Caleb John Miller

Hennepin Technical College

“I would like to thank all my teachers for not giving up on me and for all the time and work they put into me to help me graduate. Also I would like to thank Mr. Johnson and Mr. Brown for being my mentors. I have learned a lot from them, and they are my role models. I thank my parents for everything they have done for me. I love them so much. Without them I wouldn’t be here today.”

ChristiAnn Kate Miller

Bethel University; Nursing

“I would like to thank my parents for faithfully driving me to school everyday and for always being there and for supporting me. Also for adopting me 18 years ago. If not, I don’t know where I would be. I love you so much! Your daughter, ChristiAnn Kate Miller”

Giovanni Herrera Presteguin ~

 Northwestern College; Criminal Justice

”I would first of all like to thank God for helping me through all that life has put me through. I also would like to thank my mom because she has always stuck by me no matter what. My teachers and my friends for making my high school experience one that I’ll never forget. I’m very thankful for everyone who has helped me through these hard times. I’m very grateful. Thanks again everyone, thank you mom, but most of all thank you God. May all the glory be yours.”

Merhawi Haile Temnewo * § +

North Central University; Business Administration

“First, I would like to thank God who brought me to America and made every thing possible for me to grow spiritually and academically. I also would like to thank God for giving me loving, caring, nurturing, beautiful parents. I am so thankful for everything they have done for me. I know that God will richly reward them.”


Alyssa Susan Zink *

United States Air Force

 “I would like to thank my family for their unconditional support throughout my life, and having the patience, love, and commitment to raise me into the woman I am today – I know it wasn’t always easy. You guys mean everything to me, and a simple paragraph can’t even begin to express the gratitude and love I have for you guys. I’ll love you forever, Lyssi”