Bright Futures for Hope Academy Graduates

We have so much to celebrate with this year’s graduates!

Though they haven’t had a normal school year since they were freshmen, “our class is resilient” says Elliot, co-valedictorian for Hope Academy’s Class of 2022. “We have been—as the apostle Paul put it—‘more than conquerors through Him that loved us.’”

Jessica, who attended Hope Academy from kindergarten through 12th grade, is the first in her family to graduate from high school—and she has been accepted to the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota! A classmate of hers will be joining her at Carlson; another is heading to New York University.

Graduates attending (left to right): NYU, Grand Canyon University, and Carlson School of Management.

This fall, Makiah, who also attended Hope Academy for 13 years, will be joining her older sister (one of our 2020 graduates) at the University of Northwestern-St. Paul—both on full-ride scholarships!

Though Minnesota continues to have some of the worst high school graduation rates in the nation for students of color—and children in our local schools are facing COVID learning loss, widening achievement gaps, and other enormous challenges—we’re grateful to see Hope Academy students beating the odds.

Across all of our classes, 96% of seniors have graduated on-time; and have together been awarded millions of dollars in college scholarships. Graduates are advancing in higher education and careers, and serving as leaders in their families, workplaces, and communities.

This year’s graduates are a beautiful picture of God’s work at Hope Academy, over many years. Thirteen have been here since kindergarten or first grade! Through classes, retreats, cohort tournaments, mission trips, and many other experiences, they’ve gained deep friendships and authentic faith.

“I really love my environment and the community here at Hope – the loving environment, the opennes, the willingness to talk about anything, and the environment that’s closely related to God and helping me find my faith.” – Nakila

“Hope Academy has helped me to grow stronger in my relationship with Jesus in many ways. The teachers and staff have continuously poured into my life, encouraged me and prayed for me.” – Ellie

This year’s graduates have also persevered through a pandemic, the grief and chaos surrounding George Floyd’s death and ensuing riots in our city, extended school days, and other trials—adapting to change after change, developing grit, and becoming confident leaders. Now, they’re ready to take on the rigors of college, vocational training, and other aspects of life after high school.

Hundreds of students are following in their footsteps—growing in faith, wisdom, and stature at Hope Academy. Parents are gaining essential skills and resources to lead their families; and lives are being changed by the Gospel. Kenneth, one of our 2018 graduates shared:

“I’m just so grateful for Hope because that’s where it all started. That’s where the relationships were built, where we were able to get to know each other, and where we all fell in love with the gospel—and where that desire and that passion for ministry started for me and for many others…I’m thankful for places like Hope Academy that are strategically placed in the middle of the city in tough neighborhoods, where people without it wouldn’t have the chance to hear the Gospel. My prayer and my hope is that Hope Academy and other churches around the city will be used mightily by God in the next couple years.”

Kenneth is a first-generation college student at the University of Northwestern-St. Paul, on a full-ride, full-need scholarship! Throughout COVID-19, he has also served as a mentor for students at Hope Academy and in the city.

Thanks to the prayers and generosity of financial partners—who together provide 90% of the cost to educate our students—hundreds of children like Kenneth have access to a remarkable, God-centered education in Minneapolis.

And, the opportunities are growing! Through HopePATHs at Hope Academy, students are enjoying new, hands-on experiences in technology, robotics, coding, construction, and the arts; and gaining a stronger vision for life and a career after graduation. This fall, we’ll add more vocational paths in business, teaching, and healthcare for our growing high school.

If you are looking for a high-quality, private K-12 education in Minneapolis, at a price your family can afford, the Hope Academy Admissions Team would love to connect with you!  Go to or contact La’Toyra White-Tanner at 612-540-2092.

To each person who is praying, encouraging, and investing in the lives of our students and families – thank you! We also invite you to share Hope with a friend, to help us serve more children in the city.