At Hope Academy, third graders don’t get Valentines. Or a party. Or even a box of candy hearts.

But they do give one of the best parties in town–and love it.

“Each year, our students bring a party to people who don’t often get one,” says Ms. Niederloh, Hope Academy third grade teacher. “We make all sorts of decorations, ride the bus to the House of Charity downtown, and transform the soup kitchen into a beautiful place full of balloons, centerpieces, valentines, and joy.”

“It’s so much fun to see the joy on the people’s faces, and how much the kids love giving. Although many students have significant needs, they have so much to offer: their joy, a smile, a pretty thing they’ve made. It renews our hearts to participate in God’s goodness as he’s such a giver to us.”

May all of our hearts receive – and give – God’s generous love, along with our third graders.