Do Black Lives Matter in Education?

Do Black Lives Matter in Education?

YES – Black Lives Matter in Education. What does that mean to us at Hope Academy?

Imagine only seeing your reflection in a dirty, broken, warped mirror your entire life. You would not have a true picture of your appearance. You may even believe that you have freckles on your face, when in fact, you do not. You may think that your hair had a grey tint to it, only to have others tell you that it is not the case. The world gives us a broken mirror just like that to see ourselves in.

At Hope Academy, we strive to bring the clear, true mirror in front of our students. That true mirror is God’s Word to show them who they really are. From the very beginning of time, God made clear that mankind was made in His very image.

Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” (ESV)

This fact is extremely important for our students to understand, because everything flows from this truth. We believe in teaching our students about God’s glorious design in the creation of humanity, through the doctrine of the Imago Dei, being made in the image of God. We are not shy in reinforcing these truths about who they are, because the world outside will try to deceive them.

We were made by God, in His image, and for His glory. This truth is crucial to how we teach our children in every subject. It is vital for our teachers and staff to believe this truth, so that our students will learn to believe this about themselves. There is no higher praise one can be given, than to be told that the Creator of the universe made them purposefully, uniquely, beautifully – to display Himself. Portraying God’s design can be seen from the outer body, which is why we instill the importance of how we chose to present ourselves to those around us. As well as our inner-self, our character is on display in how we treat others and behave in life.

In our classrooms, we use Scripture to replace that damaged mirror. Using the very Word of God, who made them, we show our students His purpose for them. We reinforce those truths, to our students consistently, through their time at Hope Academy, in every area of study. Our students are taught that in everything they do, that they are to do it as unto the Lord. When they can see themselves rightly, with a confidence in the purpose and design of the Sovereign Creator, they excel.

Black Lives Matter at Hope Academy, because they matter to the God who made them in His image. Due to the competing voices in society today and the battlelines drawn in the church, we stand on God’s Word and teach from what He says. We will proclaim from the rooftops, every street corner, and every mountain top, “Black lives matter to God! Black lives matter to us!”