The fine arts are an essential part of our classical curriculum in grades K through 12. In the lower school, all students take music and art–and can apply to enter our Strings of Hope suzuki violin program.

In the Upper School, students take classes in Choir, Art, Drama, and Rhetoric, and can elect to participate in activities like theater, musical production, yearbook club, and newspaper club. In addition to this, students can try out for our Theater Company, which performs an annual play or musical production.

Inverted Arts

For our summer session we partner with Inverted Arts to offer a variety of artistic enrichment tracks for students, including photography, visual arts, music production, and performance arts. The Inverted Arts instructors guide our middle schoolers in creating their own art during a two week period during our mandatory (but very fun!) summer session. High School students do an internship with the Inverted Arts teachers and help teach the classes.

Visual Arts

If you’ve ever walked through the school, you’ve seen the wonderful works of art our students create. Our K-5 art program focuses on teaching the basics of shading, color, and perception. In Middle School and High School students can take their art to the next level.


In K-5, students participate in music class that incorporates singing, recorder, and drama. In the Middle School and Upper School students can participate in choir or our traveling choir.

We also offer extracurricular instrument programs, such as our Strings of Hope suzuki violin program and our Cords of Hope summer guitar program.

Drama is incorporated into our lower school music program. You can come and enjoy some of those performances at our Christmas Program or Creative Expression Night.

Our upper schoolers can participate in drama & musical production. Be sure to check the calendar for shows!