A remarkable, God-centered education
for the youth of the city.

Hope Academy is a private, Christ-Centered, classical school founded in 2000 to equip youth of the city to become responsible, servant leaders of the 21st century. Today we serve 587 students in grades K-12. Our mission is to foster hope in God within the city by providing youth with a remarkable, Christ-centered education.

Admissions FAQ's

No student is ever turned away for an inability to pay at Hope Academy! We use a “fair share” model to calculate a families tuition based on their income.

Our staff works together with each family to determine a tuition amount that’s affordable (sometimes as little as $75/month for all children combined). Together, our families pay 10% of the total cost to educate our students. Hundreds of financial partners sponsor the rest.

Once you complete a Tuition Scholarship Conference we will calculate your exact monthly tuition.

Our 5 Core Distinctives: 

  1. Faith Based, Classical Education
  2. Discipline & High Expectations
  3. Parental Involvement
  4. Accountability
  5. Partner Funding Model

We provide rigorous, classical, faith-based instruction that focuses on both character growth and academic achievement; additional support to help children focus and thrive in the classroom; 4-weeks of summer enrichment (mandatory K-8); programs in technology, skilled trades, the arts, and more. We also provide parenting workshops, support groups, and other resources to strengthen families.

Despite many challenges, Hope Academy students are growing in faith, leadership, and academic excellence; graduating at remarkable rates (96% across all classes); advancing in higher education and careers; and becoming servant leaders in their communities.

Five core strategies help us achieve this: a faith-based approach, discipline and high expectations, mandatory parental involvement, high accountability, and our partner funding model (parents pay 10%; private donors pay 90%).    

To learn more about Hope Academy we encourage you to fill out our inquiry form.

We believe parents are the primary teacher in a child’s life! That’s why we want to create strong, healthy partnerships with parents and come alongside them in their child’s education. Each parent signs a “Parent Covenant” when their child enrolls at Hope Academy and agree to:

  1. Accept the school’s mission, beliefs and strategies of education.
  2. Support the school in upholding its policies as outlined in the Parent Handbook.
  3. Be responsible for the behavior and actions of their child.
  4. Pay the family “Fair Share” portion of their child’s tuition.
  5. Attend 7 required parent events throughout the year (Kick-off Night, Parent Involvement Day x2, Conferences x2, Home Visits & Tuition Conferences).
  6. Volunteer at 2 school events annually.

We're here to help

Kara Schumann

Director of Admissions

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Adilene Pliego

Admissions Coordinator Lead

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La’Toyra White-Tanner

Admissions Recruiter

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O’Quba Duressa

Admissions Coordinator

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Application Criteria

There are 3 broad categories we consider in the application process: