Thank you for considering admission into Hope Academy. Our desire is to provide a God-honoring journey for your family through the entire application process. Here at Hope Academy, we are not a “first-come, first-served” school. Instead, we strive to find the right students and families and ensure that there is a mutually beneficial fit.

Application Criteria

There are 3 broad categories we consider in the application process:

  1. Demographics
    • Income: We primarily serve under-resourced families who normally would not be able to afford a private, Christian education. We are committed to having more than 70% of our students come from households that meet low-income guidelines.
    • Ethnicity: Over 75% of our student body is African, African American, Latino or Native American.
    • Location: Most of our families live in Minneapolis.
  2. Commitment
    • Being at Hope community requires a high level of commitment from both parents and students.
    • In our Lower School, greater commitment is expected from parents.
    • In our Upper School, while the expectation for parent commitment remains high, students are expected to produce greater commitment as they matriculate from Lower School into Upper School.
  3. Readiness
    • Academic Ability: Our desire is to have every graduate of Hope prepared for college academics. Therefore, every Hope student is expected to perform within a rigorous, classical, academic environment.
    • Behavior: As a ‘no excuses’ school, we believe a child’s education is enhanced by a disciplined and orderly environment. We expect our students to reflect order in their appearance and interactions, and we vigorously promote the biblical virtues of kindness, reconciliation, politeness, respect, and self-discipline.
    • English Language Proficiency

Application Process

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Admissions Contact Information

[email protected]