While many students enter our academic program behind, they begin to thrive
academically and holistically at Hope Academy.

Holistic Education to Urban Youth

Students K-12


Amazing Results

96% Graduation Rate

Millions of dollars in college scholarships.

Remarkable Stewardship

Cost Per Student

$ 0 K
Minneapolis Public Schools
$ 0 K
Hope Academy

Measuring Success

Our school’s academic performance is remarkable, but Hope Academy’s definition of success is broader. While our report cards include grades, we believe Christian character is more important than test results and requires discerning teachers and parents. Every time our students get a report card, they rate themselves on the HOPE values of Honor for God & others, Optimism for the future, Perseverance through adversity, and Excellence in all things. Each ranking is discussed with parents, students, and teachers to help encourage reflection and growth throughout the year.


Following 8 years of growth in math and reading scores, the disruptions of the past few years have taken a toll on students. We continue to see positive indicators of progress and are taking stock of the work yet to be done. With the hard work and dedication of teachers, increased academic support, and our four-week mandatory summer school, Hope Academy students are continuing to grow in academic and personal excellence. In fact, Hope students surpassed national Covid norms in Math & Reading standardized test scores.


Through athletics, mission trips, our student leadership team & house system—and many other experiences at Hope Academy—students are growing in faith, wisdom, and virtue. “I’m just so grateful for Hope because that’s where it all started. That’s where the relationships were built, where we were able to get to know each other, and where we all fell in love with the Gospel—and where that desire and that passion for ministry started for me and for many others.” – Kenneth Granados, Hope Academy Graduate, Youth Director at Cityview Church in South Minneapolis.


“As a parent, you’re constantly thinking about a million things. The one thing I don’t have to worry about is my kids’ school.” – Hope Academy Parent.

Each year, we seek to build strong partnerships with urban families and equip hundreds of parents for success through conferences, home visits, family ministry, and frequent check-ins. Our goal is to build community and trust, provide tangible support, and share the hope of Christ with our families.


As of 2022, a remarkable 96% of all Hope Academy seniors have graduated on time—nearly one in six on a full-tuition college scholarship! “I’m so happy because he’s the first one in all my family to go to [college]. I think I owe that to God first, and after that, Hope Academy. It’s a dream come true.” – Parent of Israel, 2021 Graduate.