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    95% of Hope Academy graduates have been admitted to 2- and 4-year schools


See where our graduates are in college, and learn about some of our graduates below.


Schools in Minnesota

Bethel University
Century College
Crown College
Inver Hills Community College
Itasca Community College
Minnesota Community & Technical College
North Central University
North Hennepin Community College
St. Katherine’s University
St. Paul Technical College
University of Minnesota (Twin Cities)
University of Northwestern – St. Paul

Schools Out of State

Calvin College (MI)
Cornerstone University (MI)
Hillsdale College (MI)
North Dakota State University (ND)
Seattle Pacific University (WA)
Southeastern University (FL)
Wellesley College (MA)

Branches of the Military

Air Force


2015 Hope Academy Graduates


Stats about the 2015 Graduating Class:

  • 13 Students Graduated
  • 4th graduating class from Hope Academy
  • 2 graduates received scholarships from the Hope Scholars Fund and Inverted Arts Scholarship.
  • 5 current and former students received full-ride scholarships via the ActSix Program for emerging urban leaders

2015 Graduate Updates:

  • Benjamin Anfinson, University of Northwestern-St. Paul (MN).
  • Matthew Anfinson, Bethel University (MN) is living on campus and playing football—ActsSix scholar.
  • Stephanie Aquino, University of Northwestern-St. Paul (MN), is living on campus and enjoying school (Hope Scholar).
  • Ephraim Bird, St. Thomas Univ. (MN), lives on campus and is running cross country.
  • Noelle Brothen is working full-time.
  • Shania Castillo,  University of Northwestern-St. Paul (MN), is living on campus—ActsSix scholar.
  • Elizabeth Knudson, is working full-time.
  • Jasmine Lewis, is pursuing education from North Central University, spring 2016.
  • Collin Maakestad is working and plans to start at MCTC (MN) in 2016.
  • Vashti Nieves, Univ. of Northwestern-St. Paul (MN).
  • Ruth Norman, Univ. of Northwestern-St. Paul (MN), is enjoying school—ActsSix scholar.
  • Grant Paulson, is working and enrolled at St. Cloud State Univ. (MN) for fall.  Samantha Ruhland, Normandale Community College (MN), (Hope Scholar).
2014 Annual Report

Updates on all 39 Senior Graduates (2012-2014)

The following alumni updates are featured in our 2013-2014 Annual Report.


Digna Bermejo, Mpls Comm. & Tech. College (MN), is taking general classes and enjoying school.

Carmen Bermejo, Argosy University (MN), is taking general classes and enjoying school.

Lani Crowell, U. of M–Twin Cities (MN), is a student in the School of Engineering, and has had a great start.

Kalen Davis, N. Henn. Tech. College (MN), is taking general classes and plans to pursue media/communications.

Jamie Delgado-Dominguez, St. Paul Comm. College (MN), is planning on going into nursing.

Micah Fisher, North Central Univ. (MN), is on a Hope Scholarship and loving school. He still serves at Hope regularly.

Christian McFadden, Southeastern Univ. (FL), likes school but will transfer to North Central Univ. (MN) in January.

Teia Mosley, Minneapolis Comm. & Tech. College (MN), is taking generals and plans to pursue a business degree.

Kara Nickolay,  N. Henn. Tech. College (MN), is taking general classes and plans to pursue a business degree.

Abraham Norman, Hillsdale College (MI),  is on a full-tuition and Hope Scholarship. “I love it here!” he said.

Alexis Owens, Calvin College (MI), (see p. 3) is on a Hope Scholarship and doing work-study. She studies English and education and “loves college life!”

Darrius Ross, N. Henn. Tech. College (MN), is taking generals and plans to pursue business. He works at Target.

Allyson Salinas-Ward, Univ. of Northwestern–St. Paul (MN), is making friendships and enjoying classes. She says, “chapel is my favorite part of the day.”

Yosief Temnewo, Normandale Comm. College (MN), is taking general classes and not sure of his major just yet.


Abby Anfinson served in AmericCorp in New York City last year. She started at MCTC this fall. She works as a nanny.

Alandra Brown-Cox transferred to Anoka-Ramsey Comm. College (MN). She played basketball last year.

Anna Carlson, Seattle Pacific University (WA), is studying English literature and loving school. She has started a work-study job on campus this year.

Precious Collins, St. Catherine’s University, (MN)  is on a full scholarship. She lives off campus with three other St. Kate students. She enjoys her classes. and comes back to visit Hope often.

Michael Cushing is finishing generals at North Hennepin Comm. College (MN) and is working full-time at Best Buy.

Mayra Herrera, North Henn. Comm. College (MN), studies nursing. She is a full-time wife, mother, and student.

Jeff Holley has started classes at Anoka-Ramsey this fall.

Elizabeth Knudson, North Dakota State Univ. (ND), is deciding on a major. She is residing with relatives who live close to the college.

Vivanco Marquez is still deciding on his future plans.

Iliana Martinez is working full-time and making future plans.

Auryanna Owens, Cornerstone Univ. (MI), is on a Hope Scholarship. She is studying audio production.

Halley Park is working and starting classes at MCTC in January.

Carissa Simons, Mpls. Comm. & Tech. College (MN), is finishing generals and plans to go into nursing.

Lindsay Simons, Seattle Pacific Univ. (WA),  is enjoying school and the area.


Jemimah Chaisuk lives in Thailand and is enrolled in a University there.

Leah Ferguson, Wellesley College (MA) continues to love school, studying computer science and math, and blogs at: leahcorrespondence.blogspot.com.

Giovanni Herrera is working full-time and also is a full-time dad!

Kelly Klos, North Central Univ. (MN),  is a Children’s Ministry major and doing work study while living at home.

Ashley Klos, St. Catherine’s Univ. (MN) is doing well and living at home.

Freddie Lawler, Itasca Comm. College (MN), is studying graphic design and thriving in school. He will transfer to St. Cloud State Univ. in the fall of 2015.

Alex Marquez lives nearby and is working full-time at a company that distributes cell phones to all major carriers.

Caleb Miller, Century Comm. College, is continuing his generals.

Christi Miller, Century Comm. College (MN), is finishing EMT certification.

Merhawi Temnewo, transferred to Augsburg College (MN), A Horatio Alger scholar, he is a Comp. Science major.

Alyssa Zink, US Air Force, married to Alexander Dahl on Oct. 12, 2014. Many former classmates and staff attended the wedding in Cottage Grove, MN. They are stationed in S. Dakota.