Over the past 13 years, a group of Hope Academy staff have travelled with sophomores on a weeklong mission trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. Sadly, New Orleans suffers from extremely high poverty rates and is still recovering from the effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Ida. Just last week, a devastating tornado swept through the region, causing severe damage to more than 150 homes and buildings. 

We’ve been so grateful to return to New Orleans each year (with the exception of delayed trips due to COVID-19), to serve needs in this community, and to build long-term relationships with local ministries. Students have helped with construction, yardwork, and other improvement projects; tutoring children through an after-school program; and providing food and other basic needs in the neighborhood where we stay. 

Through this trip, students have a great opportunity to depend on God as they try new and challenging projects and work together with our ministry partners. It’s also a great time for staff to connect with students as they worship, serve, share meals, and explore a new city together. 

Each year, we send our 8th, 10th, and 12th graders on mission trips to help them grow in servant leadership focused on blessing those around them, while building friendships and trust in the process. And through the years, many students have deepened their commitment to Christ during these times of self-sacrifice! 

With the faithful support of many partners, hundreds of low-income youth are able to attend Hope Academy year after year, and to access these and other life-changing opportunities.  

We invite you to watch our Hope in a Half Hour video to learn more about the mission and impact of Hope Academy in Minneapolis.