90-Second Stories: We all need a push

When I see graduates like Nate coming back to mentor younger students, it makes my heart sing.

Nate is a young man who entered Hope Academy like most middle schoolers: not quite sure of who he could be. Through the deep care of teachers, classmates and mentors, God is developing Nate’s potential as a leader–and opening his eyes to a whole new world of opportunities in the trades.

Isn’t that what we all need–a community of people to call out and cultivate the best in us? I can think of few investments more rewarding than that.

Soon we’ll be welcoming 500 students whose lives are in the balance, and whose futures are still being written. Would you consider how you might put your arm around one student like Nate this school year?

We’re excited and expectant to see how the Lord will provide prayer warriors, volunteers, and financial partners for our students this school year. Don’t miss out on the joy!

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