"Hope has completely changed my life" (Marlene Thomseth)

Marlene Thomseth first heard about Hope Academy when she was living in a transitional home for women coming out of addiction.

“I had just gotten out of jail, and had just been reunited with my son, Treyton,” she says.

In his preschool, she says, Treyton was really struggling.

“He was so out of control,” she says, “that they had to hire a personal assistant.”

When it was time to choose a kindergarten, a worker from the transitional home mentioned Hope Academy. At the time, Marlene didn’t have much hope.

She remembers her first Saturday School when Mr. Gregg talked about reading to his children every night at dinner, and not watching TV.

“I’ve been reading with Treyton every day since. And we don’t watch TV anymore,” Marlene says.

Now in his second year at Hope, Treyton is thriving. He is doing well academically, and is excelling in our “Strings of Hope” suzuki violin program.

Treyton is not the only one blessed by the ministry of Hope Academy.

“Hope has completely changed my life too,” Marlene says.

Because of relationships formed through a Bible study at Hope, Marlene has found a good job, has dedicated her life to Christ, and has mature Christian friends.

With tears Marlene says, “I’m so grateful for how the Lord has used Hope Academy in my family’s life.”