Earlier this month, Hope Academy celebrated its fifth class of high school graduates—and the hundreds of thousands of dollars the Lord provided in college scholarships and awards for this year’s class.

Beyond the bottom line, we reflected on the incredible growth in faith, love, and virtue that characterizes this year’s grads.  

Read below for reflections from two of our grads – Anna and Azucena – who attended Hope since Kindergarten.  

Q: What’s one of the most valuable lessons you’ve learned at Hope?  

Anna: I know what it looks like to have Christ at the center, and not at the center. Hope’s given me a strong sense for that. 

Azucena: We‘ve also learned to value our relationships with the teachers and students around us—especially the teachers. 

Q: What’s been most impactful for you? 

Anna: For a while, I was in a very dark place. I’ve always had teachers and friends at Hope who’ve supported, encouraged and prayed for me. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for them.  

Azucena: I’m especially thankful for Mrs. Pearce and the tough love she showed us in middle school. Some people are soft and just want to please you, but Mrs. Pearce helped us to understand what was good for us. 

Q: What’s one piece of advice you’d share with younger students? 

Azucena: Stay focused, and use your time well—don’t procrastinate! 

Anna: Never give up on yourself. If you keep pushing, even if you’re tired, you’ll be amazed at what you can do with what God’s given you.  


2016 Graduates and Post-High School Plans 

  • Tony Dominguez – Minneapolis Community & Tech. College (MCTC) 

  • Azucena Galvan – North Central University, Hope Scholarship 

  • Tobias Griffin – Wilberforce University, Hope Scholarship 

  • Richard Johnson – MCTC 

  • Rachel Kite – Minneapolis College of Art & Design (MCAD), Inverted Arts Scholarship  

  • Edie Liggett – Volunteering Overseas – Starting St. Catherine’s University Fall of 2017, on scholarship 

  • Evalyne Maghanga – University of Northwestern in St. Paul, Minority Scholarship 

  • Kenia Martinez – Working 

  • Matthew Nickolay – MCTC  

  • Jennifer Peeples-Hampton – Hampton University (VA), ROTC & Hope Scholarship 

  • Anna Simons – University of Northwestern, ActSix full-tuition Scholarship