Praise God! College Students Receive Full-Rides

This month, Hope Academy students Jose Castillo, Tian Elder, and Kenneth Granados were each awarded full-tuition, full-need, four-year college scholarships through the Act Six program for emerging urban leaders.


Jose Castillo, Hope Academy Class of 2018, will attend the University of Northwestern-St. Paul (UNWSP) this fall. Jose is considering becoming a physician assistant (PA). “I want to use my money wisely and bless others like I’ve been blessed.”


God is doing amazing things in Tian Elder, Class of 2017, North Central University. Click to see what his teacher and mom say.

Kenneth Granados, Class of 2018, UNWSP. Kenneth is pursuing nursing and missions. “I’m nothing but grateful.”


Jose is the second in his family to receive this scholarship. His sister Shania, who graduated from Hope in 2015, is currently a junior at Northwestern.

“As Latinos raised by a single mom in an urban setting, the chances of both my sister and I going to college — let alone receiving full rides — was really small,” said Jose. “But God made it happen.”

These students are soon to join Hope Academy’s 81 graduates who together have received millions of dollars in college scholarships.

More importantly, though, I am so encouraged by the spiritual maturity and perseverance these young men demonstrate. To see our students seeking God in trade school, college, employment, and family gives me great hope.

On behalf of Jose, Tian, Kenneth, and their families, thank you to each person who has volunteered, prayed, and financially supported their flourishing at Hope Academy. You are making a world of difference.

With joy,

Russ Gregg
Co-Founder & Head of School