Our Partner Program gives the broader community in Minneapolis and beyond an opportunity to serve inner city Minneapolis students through financial support and the cultivation of relationships.

In order to keep Hope affordable for urban families, the fair share tuition at Hope is based on a family’s ability to pay. With most of our families coming from low-income homes, more than 80% of the cost of education is covered by our Partners.

Partners who sponsor students are invited to visit the school twice a year to participate in Partner Day, a day that brings students and Partners together. The day includes program, and then classroom activity and lunch together. Attendance is optional, but the day enriches students and Partners alike.

In addition to Partner Days, our students write the Partners two letters each year, updating Partners on life and school. Teacher comments are also included.


Mike & Debbie Brocker

What could be better than knowing a child you sponsor is building a faith based on God’s truth regarding repentance, forgiveness and salvation through Christ! Hallelujah!

Mike & Debbie BrockerMSFS, Legacy Wealth (Partner since 2006)
Dan & Marty Gilbert

When I consider the self-sacrifice by the faculty and staff, and think of the drifting and failure following public education, my financial support is little enough.

Dan & Marty GilbertCEO, Gilbert Mechanical
Mark & Allison Pitts

We love Hope Academy, and have been so blessed to watch our students grow up in the fear and instruction of the Lord.

Mark & Allison PittsPartners since 2007
Grace Church (Eden Prairie)

It has been a blessing for our congregation to invest our time, talent, and treasure into the kingdom work happening at Hope Academy.

Grace Church (Eden Prairie)Partners since 2013
Bethlehem Baptist Church

With academic excellence and a heart of urban ministry, Hope Academy is literally rescuing lives from destruction, and training up oaks of righteousness who make much of Christ and his name.

Bethlehem Baptist ChurchPartners since 2000


HOW DOES MY PARTNER SPONSORSHIP GIFT AFFECT THE COST OF EDUCATION FOR URBAN FAMILIES?Family fair share tuition at Hope Academy is determined on a sliding scale. With more than 70% of our students coming from low income homes, family tuition covers about 10% of the cost of education ($60-$100). The average cost to educate a student at Hope Academy is $9,200, depending on the year. So a Full Partner gift of $7,000 covers just a portion of the cost of education for a student to attend Hope Academy.
Nearly all of our Partners at Hope Academy are Full Partners. A Full Partner provides a full sponsorship for an individual student. Starting in 2016-2017, Full Partners contribute $7,000 annually.

Half Partner
A Half Partner also desires to support the education of a student, but makes an annual investment of $3,500. (We encourage our Half Partners to find a friend to Partner with them!).

Partner Group
A Partner Group is a small group of individuals who together share the financial and time commitment of a Full Partner. This is a great option for a Bible study, small group, or group of friends.

Boaz Partner
A Boaz Partner is someone who desires to make a significant impact in the inner city. Each year we trust the Lord for 10-12 of our Partners to make Boaz gifts of between $50,000-$100,000.

Classroom Partner
A classroom partner makes an annual contribution of $100,000 or more to sponsor a classroom of twenty students.

Legacy Endowment Partners
Legacy Partners often make gifts to our Legacy Partner Endowment Fund and endow inner city student scholarships to ensure the long-term affordability of God-centered education for inner city youth. Our prayer is that 100 of our students would one day be sponsored through legacy partner gifts. A legacy gift of $100,000 sponsors a student.

WHAT IS THE STUDENT-PARTNER RELATIONSHIP LIKE?Twice each year, Partners are invited to spend time with our students in the classroom and lunchroom at our Partner Days. Partners also receive communication from our students, including two handwritten letters and teacher comments. Some of our Partners desire to become more invested in the life of our students, and become Mentors for Hope, or Mentor Group leaders.
WILL THE STUDENT(S) I SPONSOR AT HOPE EVER CHANGE?As part of your support of the work of Hope Academy, your gift is tied to a sponsorship of a particular student (or students). In some cases the student you sponsor will change. Why is this?Students sometimes end up leaving Hope due to the complex social dynamics of high poverty areas. Kids in low-income families often live transient lives. Job changes, housing changes, family changes, addiction issues—all of these are factors that affect schooling.

If a single mom with three kids at Hope loses her job. We allow her to work off her small tuition amount here at Hope – but with no income, she can’t pay her rent. With no place to stay, she and her kids move in with her sister in Brooklyn Center. Now that she doesn’t live within the Minneapolis city limits, her kids can no longer take the school bus. After borrowing cars for months, she—with tears—decides to transfer her kids into a nearby public school.

A key element of our mission at Hope Academy is to be an agent of God’s redemption. For us this means not just educating kids, but helping reweave the social fabric where it has become unraveled. To do this, we help families think through all of the options—whether it be something as big as offering family counseling to help knit families back together, or something as small as coordinating carpooling for a mother like the one above.

And it is working. The good news is that, by God’s grace, inner city families at Hope often fight against these forces to keep their kids at Hope. While the “mobility rate” in our neighborhood schools is around 40% every year—at Hope, our mobility rate tends to be between 8-12% each year. This is a testimony not just to the remarkable education that families believe their kids are receiving, but also to the beginning of the reweaving of the social fabric of the inner city.

Despite this general success, in some instances kids and families do end up leaving Hope. If the student you sponsor leaves for any reason, we will notify you as soon as it is appropriate—often with a name and picture of a new student that we have paired you with. If this happens, do be aware of the deeper dynamics indicated above.

If your student leaves and you’d like to learn the specifics of the situation of the student that has left, please call the Office of Development. We will provide you with enough details as are appropriate for each situation.

WHAT HAPPENS AT PARTNER DAY?Each Partner Day is slightly different, but each Partner Day begins with a program including a showcase of student excellence, as well as testimonies and a report from our Head of School Russ Gregg. Partners then are dismissed to spend time with students in the classroom, and then a time of lunch. Our hope is that through the Partner Days and the letters your partnered student(s) send you, you will develop a connection with your student.
WHAT IF I CANNOT ATTEND PARTNER DAYS?Students look forward to meeting Partners, but are also understanding. Attendance is completely optional. If Partner Day doesn’t work with your schedule, we like to arrange separate times during the school day for Partners to come visit or have lunch with their student.
CAN I GIVE GIFTS TO MY SPONSORED STUDENT?No. We do ask that you refrain from giving additional gifts or money to your student partners. If you wish to make an additional financial donation, we will be able to identify a need or program that benefits all the students and fits your intentions.
CAN I GET INVOLVED IN OTHER WAYS AT HOPE ACADEMY?Yes. Some of our partners also serve as volunteers at the school and we encourage this, but it is not assured that you will spend time with your student. If you are interested in volunteering, please review the volunteer opportunities on our web site.
MUST I OR MY BUSINESS HOLD AND/OR ENDORSE SPECIFIC CHRISTIAN BELIEFS TO SPONSOR HOPE ACADEMY STUDENTS?Hope Academy does not set criteria for student sponsorship. While our staff are Christians and sign a statement of faith, we do not require parents or Partners to agree to statements regarding religious beliefs and practices. We appreciate our Partners, regardless of whether or not they share our beliefs.
HOW LONG SHOULD MY PARTNERSHIP LAST?Ideally, each Partner supports their student until he or she graduates from Hope Academy. We also ask Partners of graduating students to be re-Partnered with an incoming kindergartener.

We recognize, however, that circumstances change. Partnership may be discontinued at any time.

Know that our student’s circumstances may change as well. Families move. change schools, and students are sometimes asked to leave. We inform Partners if any such circumstance affects their student. We will then offer the opportunity to partner with a different student in need of help.

As a Hope Academy Partner, you are an important part of the school. Although Partners come from the greater Twin Cities area and beyond, they have one thing in common—the desire to play a part in the education and life of a child. It is recognized that parents are the primary partners for their children, but all children need to know that there are others who care deeply about their well-being and are willing to walk with them on their journey through life.

WHAT COMMUNICATION WILL I RECEIVE FROM MY STUDENT?You will receive two mailings from the student: A letter at the beginning of the year and a letter at the end-of-year letter. Each letter includes a brief note from your student’s teacher about the student.
CAN I WRITE LETTERS TO MY STUDENT PARTNER(S)?Yes, we encourage our Partners to reply with a letter of encouragement to their Partnered student, and to share a bit about their life. These letters can be sent to the Office of Advancement are reviewed by the Advancement team.
CAN I SPONSOR MORE THAN ONE STUDENT?Yes, in fact many of our Partners sponsor multiple students, supporting each one at $6,900 per student. You will receive communication from all of the students that you sponsor. We try to keep Partners of multiple students with students in the same grade, so that at Partner Day you can spend time with more than one students during the day.


While most of our Partners are individuals, churches, and foundations, a number of businesses sponsor students here at Hope Academy. Below are just some of the many businesses who regularly support our students in the past:

Alongside Services, LLC
NBW Insurance
Bethany House Publishers
Corad Healthcare
Gilbert Mechanical
Hegenes Management, Inc.
Keystone Search
Lake Country Builders, Ltd.
Legacy Wealth
Lovelette Transfer
Marsden Holding, Inc.
Mix Manufacturing
Supportive Living Solutions
St. Paul Linoleum and Carpet
TreHus Builders
Valmark Securities, Inc.
Wixon Advisors

And many others…


Are you, your church, your business, your foundation, or other group interested in becoming a Partner? Use the form below to let us know and someone from the Office of Development will contact you.

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