Summer School

Start times:


School Starts at 8:30

Parent Drop off (by gym): Door will be staffed from 8:05-8:30. After that time, drop-offs go to Chicago Ave main door


End Times:

Buses leave school at 12:30

Parent Pick up from Park Ave/22nd St will start at 12:25 with Kindergarten

Students not picked up by 12:45 will be given a late charge of $10 for every 15 minutes. Starting in week #2 after 12:45, students will be brought to Peavey Park Rec center to wait for parents.


Afternoon Activities:

Sign ups for afternoon activities are closed

If your child is signed up,  note the end time for your child’s activity, and please be on time for pick-up.


The YMCA is once again giving High School students FREE memberships for the summer. Each Branch has 300-400. Sign-ups are open either online at or in person.


Summer Office Hours

June 10th-July 3rd: Summer Session. Mon-Thurs 8am-3pm (closed on Fridays)

July 8th – August 9th: Summer Break. Mon-Thurs 9am-2pm (closed on Fridays)

Starting August 12th: Regular Hours. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Just to clarify – these are the times our Hope Academy front office will be open, NOT the times students are expected to be here. Thanks!


Summer Session bus notification cards will be mailed out the week of June 2nd. These notification cards will include bus stop location and time information.

Transportation address changes during the summer may be done by calling (612) 540-2084. Bus stop location may not be changed and transportation is not available outside of Minneapolis District lines.

NOW HIRING: Tech Integration Specialist & Instructor

This role plays a key part in building and delivering a strong technology program for Hope Academy. The role has two key dimensions. First, the Technology Integration Specialist dimension of the job will help train and support teachers in how to integrate technology in the classroom. Second, the Technology Instructor dimension of the job will focus on the development of a K-12 technology curriculum and teaching classes defined for delivering that curriculum. To apply click here!


Click here to view the 2019-20 Hope Academy School Calendar. Please note that although Minneapolis isn’t starting school until after Labor Day, Hope Academy will be starting school on Monday, August 26th.


In order to maintain a safe environment at Hope Academy, we are implementing a new main entry screening policy. Effective immediately, front desk workers may ask you to provide your name and purpose of visit before buzzing you in. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and for helping keep Hope Academy a safe school.


After School Parent Pick-up is on Park Ave and 22nd Street, to the west of the school building. Please do not try to pick up your children in the bus lane. When coming for pick-ups, do not drive through the Allina Hospital parking lot. Thanks!


To cover the costs of staff supervising students, parents who are late to pick up their student will be charged a flat fee of $10 for every 15 minutes late at the end of the event. At the end of the school day (officially 4:25), this will be starting at 4:40pm. This fee will be charged to your tuition bill.


The next phase of our “Growing Hope” campaign includes the building of a new gym! In order to continue this work, the Parking Lot on 24th will be closed until further notice. Please plan to find alternative street parking if you visit the school. Remember, during every school day there is NO PARKING in front of the school between 9:00a – 10:00a and 3:00p – 5:00p.