Technology Integration Specialist & Grades 6-12 Technology Instructor

Technology Integration Specialist and Grades 6-12 Technology Instructor
Job Description
The Technology Integration Specialist and Instructor plays a key role in building and delivering a strong technology
program for the school. The role has two key dimensions. First, the Technology Integration Specialist dimension of the
job will help train and support teachers in how to integrate technology in the classroom. Second, the Technology
Instructor dimension of the job will focus on the development of a K-12 technology curriculum and teaching classes
defined for delivering that curriculum.

Hope Academy is a Microsoft school. We take advantage of Microsoft 365 for email and the office suite. We also make
extensive use of Microsoft Teams both for administrative purposes and in the classroom. All students are given a
Microsoft 365 account so that they can actively utilize the tools that are available.
This position is integral to several very important technology related projects that are underway and will play an
important role in implementing and achieving student impact by integrating the use of these technologies in the
classroom. This list of technology improvements is an indicator of the type of environment this position is working in.
1. iPads (82 iPads) rolled out to all classrooms in Grade K-3
2. Chromebook cart (30 Chromebooks) implemented for shared use in Grades 4 and 5
3. Chromebook carts (90 Chromebooks) implemented for shared use in Grades 6 to 10
4. 1 to 1 program utilizing laptop computers will be implemented over the next two years for Grade 9 to 12
5. Interactive display boards (Smart Boards) will be implemented across all classrooms over the next 4 years

1. Develops/selects and follows a Biblically-informed curriculum that will guide technology instruction.
2. Demonstrates leadership that helps students and teachers excel in the use of technology.
3. Is someone of the utmost integrity, who is passionately committed to Christ.
4. Bachelor’s degree required with major in Education or other technical subject matter preferred.
5. Two or more years of teaching experience in a technology related area is a plus but not required.
6. Experience as a Technology Integration Specialist (or equivalent) is a distinct advantage.
7. Demonstrated ability to collaborate with others to achieve measurable goals is important.

In the area of Technology Integration, this person is expected to work with the IT Director and Elementary Technology
Integration Specialist to develop a technology integration approach using the following resources and approaches:
1. Individual Meetings with Teachers – meets with teachers on-request to assist with technology skills
development and application of technology tools in the classroom.
2. In-Class Participation – classes can be led or co-led by this person. In addition, this person is available to
observe classes and make suggestions for how to enhance the integration of technology into the class.
3. Technology Planning Committee –plays a key role in the technology planning committee. The goal of the
committee is to continue envisioning the best use of technology at Hope.
4. Professional Development Planning – plays a key role looking for and investigating technology-related
professional development opportunities for staff and teachers and leading technology related professional
development sessions.
5. Research and Application – spends time being a “user of technology”, putting into practice the concepts that
teachers could be applying in the classroom. Builds a network with other educators in order to share best
practices and gain new insights which could be applied at Hope. Puts technology “on display” in various ways
throughout the school.

To Apply: Print out and complete our Teacher Application (PDF), along with two letters of recommendation, and a cover letter. Mail or email completed application, letters or recommendation, and cover letter to:

ATTN: Tennille Ziegler, Human Resources

Hope Academy

2300 Chicago Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55404