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Marked by Hope

Hi, my name is Mandi, and my daughters are in second grade at Hope Academy. I can’t tell you how much relief, stability, and joy this school has brought to our lives. As a single mom, I work and pray really hard to make our tuition payment each month. And then there’s you–Hope’s supporters. Your […]

Mid-week Bible Studies for Moms!

Wednesdays in the Parent Resource Room: 10:00a – 12:00n 2:00p – 3:45p Fellowship with other Hope moms as we explore the topic “Walking with Jesus”. Childcare provided. Contact Widdy Bird for more information at widdybird@gmail.com

The Foolishness of God

When God finally moved my heart to start a school for my neighbors, I had no idea what he had in store. I thought maybe we’d try it for a year or two. Or if God really blessed us, we’d grow from 35 students to 180 urban youth. I got used to hearing, “Russ, you’re an […]

Closing the Achievement Gap

Rising Above Education Standards Driving down the streets of inner city Minneapolis, one can glimpse a multitude of ethnic groups. The same diversity that makes our city beautiful presents us with challenges that naturally occur when cultures cohabitate. With such a concentration of minorities, Hope Academy desires to do our best to help close the […]

Family Ministry Resources

One of our biggest goals at Hope Academy, is to witness our students and their entire family living successful and faithful lives. We understand that many of our families depend upon government programs to help make ends meet. We desire to help families thrive in the life skills necessary to no longer need programs, such as […]

The Best Private School or the Right School?

The decision to send a child to school is an important one, wrought with many small decisions along the way. Most parents or guardians do their research before making that momentous decision on which school(s) to apply to. Everyone wants to send their child to “the best private school”, but what if we told you […]

How to Find School Tuition Assistance

Paying for private school tuition can be difficult no matter a family’s level of income. There are many different ways to pay for and receive private school tuition assistance. Here are some options: Personal Budget. Some families choose to make changes in their spending to find assistance within their own budget. Perhaps it means taking […]


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