Our Five Core Distinctives represent a comprehensive approach to closing the achievement gap, that takes into account mind, body, soul, and the family.

1 Faith-based Education

The hope of Hope Academy is God. Classes gather for worship, and our curriculum is informed by God’s Word. Teachers seek to shepherd the hearts of all students, that they would become like Christ, the master teacher.

2 Discipline & High Expectations

As a ‘no excuses’ school, we see discipline producing character and achievement. In 4th grade students begin Latin, and a classical, college prep curriculum over a 10-month school year.

3 Parental Involvement

Excellence is only possible when parents are actively involved. Parents sign our parent covenant and are required to participate in six events—including a home visit, conferences, and two Saturday school days—and pay fair share tuition and volunteer.

4 Accountability

Excellence requires holding teachers, students and parents accountable. Our teachers are held to the highest professional and moral standards. We use regular literacy and standardized tests and older students go to academic support if the don’t finish homework. Parents who miss events have two weeks for a make-up, or their kids must stay home.

5 Our Partners

While most Christian schools charge tuition to cover 90% of costs, and raise 10%, at Hope nearly 90% of our costs are covered by generous giving. Family tuition is determined on a sliding scale, and our Partners cover the rest. Partners are individuals, businesses, foundations, and churches.